Any dog lovers talk to Dr. Goldstein or have an eval

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    for your pet? I sent him blood work which he then send's a diet(already in his book I bought)plus supplement regime.

    He doesn't explain anything and just names the products, I can't find them on the net anywhere, I guess they are only available through the vet.That cost me $50!

    It's like $200 to talk to him! I'm stuck asking the receptionist, who claims to know nothing about these product's except the Chinese herbs he wants me to buy are $200 a month! I'm on disability, I can't afford that.

    he's suppose to be good, but gosh! I was so happy to get a specific program for my "baby" by a good vet(i've called local ones, but they don't seem to be very helpful)now I'm bummed.

    I wasted $50, she's suppose to call in the morning, which she never does. I alway's call, but she let's me know she has my number!

    I've tried more appropriate places like dog cancer sites, but got no answer there, so I figured it couldn't hurt to try here. I just ant to know what the herbs and formulas are so I can make up my own if possible. that's what they are afraid of probably!:)

    I also finally tried the nerve block injections,ended up spending thanksgiving in bed. My neck,arm,shoulder, still hurts, still have headache, it's been a week.

    i don't know if it's just me or if these thing's happen to other's. I'm trying to stay positive, but it's hard.

    I'm praying and deep breathing and venting!:)

    Thanks guy's(gal's:) hope you're doing better,

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