Any experience of "push crash" syndrome?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by yayapriestess, Mar 3, 2003.

  1. yayapriestess

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    I am hoping to hear from others their experience of having good energy, doing a lot and then crashing for a long period of time.
    I had a really fun and energy filled Christmas holiday, I did feel painful but was having fun with family, etc. so I took extra pain meds and went on.
    It was a two day drive back and by the time I got home I was more painful and fatigued than I had been in a long time, and cannot seem to improve.This is the first of March and I am beginning to become very discouraged that I have not "recovered" from the holidays.
    Sounds a little nuts, I know, but very real.
    Yes, I have been to Doctor and had massages and to accupuncture doc and started taking adrenal support, and other supplements, but no better yet.
    Anyone else indentify with this ?
  2. painin

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    This happens to me quite often. My last and worst episode happened when we moved Feb. 1. I went several days of really pushing myself and taking the pain meds to get me through it all. Well........ about a week later I ended up in bed for 2 days and 3 nights. Sleeping constantly , only getting up to eat and go to the bathroom. I'm back on my feet, but really lousy feeling yet. Just can't get back to where I was before we moved. Good luck!!
  3. afeni

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    Hi, I'm a new-comer and I have had a similiar experiende back on 2000. I am married to a marine and we got stationed at Quantico, so I could go to a better hospital. Anyway, I had to clean out my house and get the school things done and get 3 kids settled in, let the movers in and my husband had to stay behind and stand inspection. What happened was I went from practically bedridden to strait superwoman for 2 weeks . And after I got everything done that was really needed I wasn't any good for about 2 months. I did ask God to give me the strangth to do all the things I needed to and thats what he did.
    Sorry about rambling on, but I hope it answers your question.

  4. yayapriestess

    yayapriestess New Member

    Thanks for input, at least I am not alone and it is not "in my head". I will, as I have no real choice, continue doing what I am doing, and stop beating myself up for having no energy. I have to believe that my energy will return, even though it was not so red hot it certainly was better than now!
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    I tend to be an over achiever, I work in a very demanding office, and it's very hard for me to slow down. So I don't -- and then I crash and then I get better and then I do too much and then I crash.....I have solved this conundrum somewhat by giving up virtually ALL of my outside activities. This allows me to give at the office and still rest the entire rest of the day and night and all weekend. This works pretty well most of the time, but it sure is not a perfect system.

    I think it's just so hard for us to give up our expectations for ourselves, our dreams and plans for our lives, and all those hopes and dependencies of other people in relationship with us. It's something I struggle with every day. I still want to have some meaning in my life, some purpose, and I need to fight hard to keep that. I just can't sit down and give up -- not yet! And, thankfully, my disease has not yet brought me to my knees completely.
  6. MsBella

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    I can totally identify with where you're at. I've had fibro for several years now, and the cycle you describe is normal.

    I just survived an interstate move at the beginning of November, and I spent most of Nov and Dec recovering from the exhaustion of packing and prepping our house to be rented out, which required a lot of pushing past my normal boundaries with extra pain meds. As if the physical and emotional stress of the move wasn't enough, we moved from sea level to a mile high elevation just as winter hit, so I also had to adjust to extreme cold, dry weather and get used to breathing (gasping?) thin air. A lot of fun, as you can imagine.

    Then my sister in law came out to spend xmas and new years with us, which was great fun, but I just wasn't up for all the work which having company entails. I spent the rest of Jan trying to recover from playing "Martha Stewart" and undoing all the overzealous holiday decorating the hubby and his sis thought was great fun.

    I was just starting to recover from the holidays at the end of Jan when Feb broadsided me with the flu, severe chronic fatigue, and then to top it off I threw my back out. Are we having fun yet?

    Despite the hell that was Feb, I actually managed to have two good days in a row this past week, but then I did what I always do when I'm feeling better and all perky and nearly pain-free -- I try to catch up on all the housework that has been neglected while I've been stuck in bed. I don't overdo to the point where I set myself all the way back to being back in bed, but I always seem to trade my happy perky days for vacuuming and washing all the bedding and cleaning bathrooms.

    So I totally understand how you feel that you're still recovering from xmas. You pushed yourself harder than usual, and that always takes longer to bounce back from. I know I was feeling mega guilty about being stuck in bed for two weeks straight, as if I should've been able to put mind over matter and find some energy somewhere, but it was nowhere to be found. Sometimes the guilt is the hardest part.

    But just keep focusing on having that One Good Day . . . it always comes, and it's what keeps me going. It may be just 1 day in 60, but it allows me to remember the person I was before fibro took over, and to remember that I LIKED that person, and I'd like to see more of her. *g*

    Good luck on coming out of your flare soon!

  7. Betsy2

    Betsy2 New Member

    Overdoing it during better days and pushing through the pain seems to be a behavior I repeat often. I don't learn from it, like I should. I have heard that people with FMS/CFS are often Type A personalities.

    LITEFLAMES New Member

    Yes ,I'm so glad you have already found out , We'v had this DD to this to us to , I Have that happen , alway's around big efent's , This weekend i'm having my 9 yr olds birthday at home I'v been doing party"s at bowling allie ect ,this one take's moor planing and involment, I told me husband that jokingingli said well me & the boy's will go out , so you can have FUN !!!!O No I said <You"ll be sliting the activatie's w/ me ,, I would like to recrute moor help 38 kids coming!!!,Hopfully they won't all show up , KIDING (not) lol!No But I have learned not to be soooooooo up tight ,What will happen Willhappen ,Its only 2 hrs ,Then just 5 crased Girls the rest of the night ,my friends tell me hear you go againe , you fill better , you push it ? then you'll pay ,Sorry for rambling on , I'll say a prayer for you ,Please say one for me
    God Bless, And take pleanty of vitamens
    love cindy

    LITEFLAMES New Member

    OPPSSSSSSSS, Must of been doing to many things when i wrote earler , sorry abought that i couldnt even make sense of it
    (what I Ment to say was)
    Yes that has happend to me ,,,,Alway's when i'm filling real goodand a big event is coming up , then i'm down ,sometimes for a mth just not filling right even after the never ending flare up ,What I was trying to say is <I'm having my 9 yr olds birthday party at home this weekend ,(I'v been doing the bowling party deal / witch is best , But I have a awsome craft book , things you use w/ house hold thing's Majore easy things , ? so we,v picked the ones will do ,My husband jokingly said ,Well me & the boy's will go out & let you have all that Fun!! I said oh no 38 kids coming , I'v got plaines for you ,you get half in one room !!!!! , One thing I'v found to be true is first of all (I'n not super women anymoor) Its a 2 hr party , let the chips fall wear they may ,Then comes the real fun 5 girls spending the night I'm crazy , but I will let those mom's know not to be mean but if they can't get along They;ll be coming home
    anyway ,Take pleanty of vitamens ,get freash air ,I know that scary place , When we wonder will this ever pass, i hate it , I'll pray for you ,please pray for me to stay CALM!!! cindy
  10. SCARLETT415

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    Love your name and loved the movie. I totally relate. It happens to me all the time. I have had this DD so long that I pretty much expect it so I am feel like I am in control because I know what will come of any "overdoing it" but I choose to do it anyway because of the immediate rewards. That's the way I handle alot of the health problems that arise. It works for me. I am still paying for a 6 hr. drive to my son's and family at Christmas but the enjoyment of seeing my grandchilren was worth it. My husband does most of the driving but I try to relive him for an hour at best so he can get a snooze break. Also, we make lots of stops and stretch. I can lay my seat back and sleep some with all the pillows I take with me. It seems to be the confinement to one spot that is the worse feeling. Welcome - I am also new.
  11. talldi

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    I also am an RN. I now work 12hr shifts and do 3 in a row as I have found that a crash day is a necessity not a luxury for me. A day here and there not possible. And 5 days a week is beyond me now. As is active areas like ICU, Er etc nursing.
    If I feel well and clean house etc. I pay for it with lethargy and incr. fatigue next day. Same with my gardening etc. I get so focused I do too much and next day is awful.
    Also nobody has mentioned it but I have what Neil and I call "the wall". I am doing OK, sitting and talking etc and suddenly I have to go to bed. There is no way to put it off without becoming hper and irritable and losing it cognitively. Neil says he can see it hit me.
    Any one else have a "wall"?
  12. yayapriestess

    yayapriestess New Member

    I guess it is just this DD. I had my first episode in 1979 and have been lucky enough to stay active and work until the end of 2000, and remember the last year of "trying" to work as absolute hell. Most week ends I did nothing except recover from the week and I worked only 4 days most weeks, but was on call half of the time.
    I suppose I think that now that I don't work I should be better and not have such bad episodes.
    It is hard to realize we cannot do, be, have the life we once had and is normal to try for it occasionally, but it is a big price to pay.
    Thanks for all advice, empathy and kind words.
    I wish you all the very best, lots of gentle hugs and love.