Any experience with Fbromyalgia and Fatigue clinic?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cherie23, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. cherie23

    cherie23 New Member

    I'm interested in any info anyone has on the fibromyalgia ad fatigue clinics. There is one in my area and I was considering going to it but when I brought it up to my PCP he had never heard of it and was concerned that it isn't a credible place. It costs quite a bit of money to go but the info I've read sounds like they have some really good treatment options. I had a very bad experience with a pain clinic that supposedly dealt with FM patients and when I went the Dr. told me his diagnostic test showed that I had no pain and offered absolutely no help.He treated me like I was insane or chasing pills, even though I specifically told him that I was not looking for pain meds. but biofeedback or other alternative treatments He had no problam taking my money though. Any info. would be greatly appreciated as I do not want another experience like that.
  2. pattigaul

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    I went to one in Houston and spent over $2,000. They loaded me up with supplements and then left town. There is not one in Houston any longer. They wanted me to drive to Dallas and there is no way I can do that. Be very careful if they do not take insurance. My neurologist said I wasted my money. Patti
  3. cherie23

    cherie23 New Member

    This is the website that I went to and found all the centers in the states there and info on what treatments they offer etc. Is this the same place that you went to?
  4. cherie23

    cherie23 New Member

    Michigan. The place is in Troy, MI. The cost is high, $360 per visit for the first two then $185 for every follow up. That doesnt include any injections or supplements etc. they want to use. I leary about it because I really don't want to be taken advantage of and I don't want to be on 15 different things.
  5. cherie23

    cherie23 New Member

    bump for more info
  6. IntuneJune

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    There has been so much written about the FFC's here on the board.

    Since I have not done a scientic pole, :) ie, counting the good/bad responses, my answer could be tainted by which posts I have read.

    You can do a search using the search engine right under the purple tab at the top of the page "message boards." If an FFC opened up down the street from me... I would walk right past, unless further information came my way to change my mind.

    I see no reason why these centers dig SO deep into the pockets of their customers.. opps... patients.


  7. dahopper

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    the negative about FFC. I am going and yes it does cost alot and yes they give you a ton of different supps and RX's but they are WONDERFUL !!

    I want to get well and most of the negative you hear is people that did not go long enough or has listened to others that stopped before giving it ample time to get them better.

    You do not get better over night and YES you have to do everything they tell you to do and yes it is not easy.....but they care (they are very busy) and yes maybe they do not have time to go over every detail before they walk through that door.

    But I am telling you they have your best interest at heart and I have NEVER been treated anyway but wonderful when I go there. I have hope now....I have found out from them finally I have Lyme and EBV and a few other things I will not go into at the moment but no other doctors I have been to could help me find out what was wrong with me and why everyday I was getting so much worse.

    It is worth every penny but you need to get ready because yes it is expensive but so is my health....I have a life I want to get on with. I will do this and I am proud to say I go to there clinic.

    This is my thought and now I have a direction and can stop spending money on something I hope will get me well...I will be well will not be easy but I have finally found someone that dug deep enough to know how to treat me to get me well.

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