Any experiences with EMRD Therapy???????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jmq, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. jmq

    jmq New Member

    I Finally got up the guts to start therapy AGain,,,,with a women who was recommended to me

    and she is close to my house. My initial impression of the office was very comfortable,

    friendly, beautiful therapy rooms that you want to stay forever in. The only set back for me

    was this wonderful lady was obviously from my previous life of being a hippie dippie type...LOL

    In the younger days, I would have loved her peace sign shirt and faireys on the wall.....but I

    think I was searching for a firm, strong, maternal, reliable women who would take a fairly

    concervative approach. Instead, she wanted me to write journals and read books about

    menapause and natural ways to treat it. All in all...that was great advice...but not what I

    needed. I had to spend alot of time re-emphasising that I was in a crisis mode with family

    situations that I could not cope well with and needed help to sort it out. This was not a

    nuerotic housewife who was taking therapy for self fulfillment. I needed a life line!! I told her I

    was once suicidal, but not there yet....but I have this overwhelming desire to run away....and

    I have no where to run away to!! nOT A GOOD FEELING.

    Any way, being the good sport that I am....and totally drained and physically and

    nuerologically fried person that I am...I decided to go along with her plan. She wants to try

    EMRD therapy with me the next time I see her. I hear it works fast if you have traumas or

    other such events in your life that still creep in and effect your current life.....physical pain is

    thought to be a by product of old feelings and hence you come out of it feeling better.

    I was just wondering if anyone out there has experienced this therapy and can give me some

    pros and cons. I have read some things on the internet but there is nothing like hearing from

    all of you about it.

    Any comments welcomed!!
  2. Empower

    Empower New Member

    I have heard about it, and it has been recommended to me, but it freaks me out, so I have not tried it

    If you are not comfortable with the therapist, move on to the next one, just make sure your insurance is ok with it.

    I would give it a session or two or three, but then, on to next
  3. DADI

    DADI New Member

    Emdr is a strange therapy,nobody understand how it's working.....but it's working pretty good for PTSD (see pubmed,it's the most efficient technique for this desordre).
    I know they're busy with a trial for CFS patients with EMDR in Belgium...don't know the preliminary results yet.

    But anyway,if you feel confident with the examinator,go ahead,it won't harm you in any way.
    The only incidence can be postive.

    Don't forget to keep us inform...

  4. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    My daughter has some experience with EMDR therapy and it did work for her. She thought it was rather amazing, but you do need to trust your therapist.

    I hope you find some relief and answers soon.....


  5. acer2000

    acer2000 New Member

    Its probably one of the only things that really clears trauma and PTSD symptoms. It has a lot of research behind it. I think I read its at the top of the list for the defense department treatment in dealing with PTSD. The practitioners who do it vary in skill level to those who only have a minor interest and have taken a training or two, to experts who deal with trauma all the time. As with anything, you got to make sure the person you go to knows what they are doing...
  6. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    I spent over 20 years off and on doing regular "talk" therapy with minimal results, for issues having to do with childhood trauma. Then I discovered EMDR. It really does work. I wouldn't call it strange, as someone else did, just different. One thing I've read about it says that when you experience a trauma, you get "stuck" at that point because it's too much to process. EMDR helps process trauma so you can move past it. With the regular therapy, I just kept dealing with the same issues over and over again, but EMDR actually helped things get resolved.

    I've read that some people get rather quick results with it, in just a few sessions. It took me several months for noticeable results - however, this was nothing compared to years and years of traditional therapy. I really think I wouldn't have gotten sick if this had been available when I was 20. I think the length of time needed has to do with the nature of the trauma - e.g., a hurricane, while devastating, is an impersonal force of nature, and this type of trauma can be resolved relatively quickly. However, childhood family stuff is complex and intertwined and just generally takes longer. But EMDR still works.

    I think every therapist should be trained in this.

    It can be used with other issues as well - it doesn't have to be trauma.

    If you go to, you can find a list of practitioners with the proper training.

    Good luck --

  7. weencie

    weencie New Member

    I have been in therapy for the last 3 1/2 years to finally deal with a very troubled childhood. I have to say you need to trust your therapist first and foremost. I was able to work on issues such as sexual abuse as a young child and an alcoholic father. Of course the hardest to deal with was the sexual abuse but I can at least think of it now and know it was not my fault, I was a victim of a very sick person. The EMDR treaments seemed to really help me get past the point I was stuck at, that is to say, playing the victim, and now I feel like a strong survivor. I would recommend it, but only with someone I trust completely and feel very comfortable with. Hope this helps-Weencie
  8. jmq

    jmq New Member

    All of your answers were so helpful. It sounds like something I should try. I go for my first session on Dec. 30th so I will post an update then.

    Thank you all for always being there when I need you!

  9. wildflowers2

    wildflowers2 New Member

    I have done it for PTSD. what it does is take the bad memories and places it in the back of your brain. YOu need to be certified in it to do it. THere is a web page of the therapists who are certified. if, there are not certified then they dont know squat on EMDR theraphy.

    good luck

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