any feed back on serrapeptase?

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    My daughter has uterine fibroids and so I googled to see what "natural" therapy would be good for that before she undergoes surgery in two months. I came up with serrapeptase which also said it's very good for fibro and coagulation, which I have both. I also have uterine fibroids(very small ones) and fibrocystic breasts. I guess I'm loaded with fibro in one way or another. I did a search here and saw there were a few of you taking it but there's been no update since February. I'm curious as to whether you all are still taking it and did you have any luck with it? I'm seriously considering getting some for my daughter and for myself. Any info would be much appreciated.

    LISALOO New Member

    For sinuses and my interstitial cystitis, it's supposed to help with inflammation I believe. It didn't help me. I also have had ovarian cysts and have had fibrocystic breasts for years, but I didn't notice any changes.
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    My env. doctor wanted me to go on serrapeptase and gave me a glowing info sheet on it. Seems it's not sold in Canada, which is just as well, it's terribly expensive because it's patented and has medical acclaim. It's not such a great thing when the scientific community discovers the efficacy of a supplement, because then the prices get driven outrageously high, like for CoQ10 too.

    What I did was order proteolytic enzymes here from Prohealth. they've been very good for blood thinning and for reducing inflammation, even the belly bloat from PMS. They also help w/ inflammation pain, but if the pain isn't of an inflammatory source then they don't help. And fibro has many flavours of pain, so I still take narcotics, but I don't take NSAIDS at all now and I really wanted to get away from them, so I'm happy w/ the protoelytic enzymes. I feel they do the same thing as serrapeptase anyway, they are also well studied, and there is an expensive patented blend, but I buy generic.

    As for helping w/ fibroids and fibrocystic breasts, I'm sure that is another issue. Those are estrogen dominance issues, and that's too complicated for me to get into now. Try googling estrogen dominance to research the many factors involved in that.