Any feedback on the cholestyrsamine theory and treatment?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by beckster, Mar 10, 2003.

  1. beckster

    beckster New Member

    Have been checking sites, including this one, and was hoping to see feed back on the theory about ciguatera toxin and the cholestyramine treatment. Haven't seen any feedback. Wonder if this means hardly anyone is trying it, or they are not getting any results? Usually there are a lot of us trying all kinds of things at any given time.
    I would be trying it myself but for various reasons will not be able to see my doc who would presribe it for some time . Hope to hear something.
  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Perhaps you could fill us in on it. All I can find on it is its use for controlling cholesterol.

    Love, Mikie
  3. WendyC

    WendyC New Member

    do a search here for neurotoxins and you'll find his research. supposedly he treats many CF and lyme patients with ABX and cholestyramine which bonds with the neurotoxins (by products of infection) and moves them out. I haven't found anyone on this board who has gone to him. Would like to know.

  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Very interesting theory. It must be horrible not being able to eat and having the runs all the time. I really hope this helps.

    Love, Mikie