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  1. butterfly99

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    i Have been a vegan FOR 7 YRS and it has helped my pain SOOO much i LOST LOTS OF WEIGHT AFTER I STOPPED EAT DAIRY. MY SKIN CLEARED UP , MY IBS...GONE!!!!!!!!!no meat either, only fish. My hair looks great , my eyes sparkle. We need to spread the word for woman to stop eating dairy and red meats and mosts important for woman who have FMS!!!. our bodys dont need it, its toxic!!! please tell me your stories how being a vegan has helped your FMS. Have a peaceful day everyone:)
  2. toughone

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    My daughter and I have decided to stop the red meat--we've only been eating it about 3 times a month anyway. We love salmon and ling cod, not so much chicken. Our problem is giving up dairy. I have become allergic to eggs in the past year, so they're already out. But I love milk and yogurt and cheese! My daughter likes soy milk, so she's okay there. I can't take calcium supplements--too hard on bowels. Can you tell me how to get my calcium if I drop dairy? Also, have you found really good substitutes for cheddar and yogurt?

    Thanks for your post--we just shopped for our vegetarian menus. I'm anxious to see if it helps.

    Glad you're feeling better--I've been in and out of flares continuously since May--I'm worn out.

    Take care and thanks again!

  3. butterfly99

    butterfly99 New Member

    You have taken the biggest step...u started, that's huge!!. I also loved cheese and milk products but I studied the effects of dairy products on our system and had to stop. Did u realize the U.S has the highest osteoporosis rate anywhere in the world yet we consume the most dairy hummmmm. We are unable to absorbe the calcium that is found in cows milk because the molecules are to large(we don't have 5 stomach like baby cows do)...colic babies!! you can get more calcium from soy milk and it is all natural to your body so you can absorb the calcium . Dark greens are also a good source. I still have ice cream. yogurt. cream cheese, sour cream` chocolate,. The ice cream,yogurt,sour cream I buy( TOFUTTI )brand u cant even tell., (smart balance butter)look for dark chocolate with no dairy.Trader Joes carries a few great brands the more cocoa the better, we need the antioxidants and the love high.TOFUTTI also has cheese slices. now remember you have to do this slowly and substitutes will taste a little different but think what the cow dairy is doing toyour body , making us fat and unhealthy, our bodies are not designed for cows milk. my fav soy milk is (SILK) chocolate and very vanilla. take your time and don't become discouraged your body will thank you.there is casein in dairy they use this glue to adhere bear bottle labels, just think what the glue is doing to our insides...just FYI:):) most people will not make a diet change to feel better but u seem open to it so thats a huge start to taking control and feeling better and actually enjoying what we eat.If i can help you with another questions Bonny please let me know.this is life changing for you I'm happy to help.have a peaceful night and tell your daughter great job to:)
  4. toughone

    toughone New Member

    Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! You are awesome!

    I wrote down all of your tips and products. My daughter and I are very excited about this--I am so tired of being in 7 and above pain all the time. I'm drained and I don't like feeling drained--I try to keep up with the kids and the house, I don't like being down for more than a day. Lately, I've been down 3, 4, and 5 days each week. My kids are worried, and actually, so am I. So, I'm very open to giving this a fair try!

    My daughter loves Silk very vanilla and chocolate. I've used Smart Balance butter--not bad. I'm very anxious to try Toffuti products. We love kale, brocolli, leeks and most vegies. One of our favorite dinners is a vegie soup we make with tons of fresh vegies. I'll be okay with this if I can learn to become agreeable with the soy dairy--I'm going to give it my all!

    Thanks again for your help and I would like very much to keep in touch with you. "Talk" to you soon...

  5. FibroTart

    FibroTart New Member

    I tried to be a vegetarian for many years...and was successful and I would badmouth all meat eaters....I felt "cleaner"...BUT

    I hurt more, those years I only got worse?.....come to found out I am allergic to soy....

    I was not successful being a vegan ,

    even though I do not like milk or even drink it...but I did like cheese and such....

    I am lacto intolerant

    I am with my family back to eating red meat & chicken and such...NO PORK...

    and feel better...

    But I really liked feeling"cleaner" so do you have any suggestions..

    IS there a way to go VEGAN with both problems? AND get the nutrients you need?

    ~~hopelessly a meat eater...
  6. butterfly99

    butterfly99 New Member

    I totally understand meat eaters my father was meat cutter so I was always around it. You have to want to be a vegan vegans are alittle different than other people speaking for myself, u either want to eat meat or u don't, something inside a vegan is the uncontrollable urge to get away from meat while other seem drawn to it, others eat it because they think they should and others don't really care and eat all the meat they want. Just listen to your body if it says eat meat than eat it but choose meat like turkey which has very small proteins and easier for a woman to digest.Drink rice mike instead of cow milk eat cheese if u really love it but eat small amounts over days not day. I say never restrict yourself form anything just gain knowledge about it and that gives us the power to decide to at meat or not to eat meat!at least u are the people who wants more info and is honest about what you will and will not give up")at least now u know a little more about dairy than u did yesterday.peaceful night
  7. butterfly99

    butterfly99 New Member

    Im soo happy your are really giving this your all. I would love to stay in touch to see how u are doing and what ever u find new let me know. There is alot out there that i havnt even tryed. Im soooo excited for u guys youll find so much great food u really wont miss a thing and this will help with your creative side:) please keep in touch. By the way how do we do that im pretty new here and dont know how to contact one person. do u?
  8. toughone

    toughone New Member

    I've only been here a week! I'll float the question out on the board.

    My daughter was a vegan for a while a few years ago--she has never wanted to eat meat--she's all natural and free spirited--I call her my little Hippie Child! But when she was 16 months old, she was diagnosed with severe iron-deficient anemia. The doctors have always said "red meat, give her lots of red meat!" A few years ago, she went vegan under my watchful eye. Sure enough, even eating soy, nuts, and plenty of vegies, she started going anemic again. So, she and I have been eating small amounts of poultry and fish. She eats red meat for me about 3 times a month, but I hate making her eat it if she feels so strongly against it. I don't really like red meat, but I've been told it's a must for protein for someone with FMS. I've heard so much about dairy lately (pretty much what you were saying) that I'd like to switch to soy. I'm thinking if I have become allergic to eggs, there might be something to dairy and IBS. My daughter and I both have IBS, I have FMS/MPS/CFIDS, my daughter has CFIDS with FMS symptoms showing up now. So, we are very excited to start a vegan lifestyle. And it's so wonderful to meet someone so helpful like you!

    I'll get back to you about how to contact each other.
    Talk to you soon...

  9. butterfly99

    butterfly99 New Member

    I dont have any reaction to soy I know there are alot of people who have alergies to soy so yes rice and almond milks are great i like to mix it up. but u wont find a lot of articals that say cows milk is bad for you. the meat and dairy industry have lots of money to say its good for u. remember Ophras comments on meat ,SHE WAS SUED FOR SAYING IT MAY NOT BE GOOD FOR U. its great u are researching options to cows milk, thats all i want people to do . be open that just because they say IT DOES A BODY GOOD only means there is big money behind that saying. Nice to hear from u. we are taking the power of our health back. Have a great night

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