any fibro people try pyridostigmine to increase hgh?

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    I don't have fibro but I came across this in the article about cfs and fibro and it looked interesting. I searched here and the last time anyone talked about it was 2005. Here's what I read:

    It is likely that the problem in FM is a physiologic GH deficiency. Evidence was provided by a study in which FM patients were exercised to voluntary exhaustion on a treadmill; this is a standard test of GH secretion. Unlike healthy controls, FM patients were unable to mount a GH response to exercise, despite reaching an anaerobic threshold (an indication of an adequate exercise workload). However, when fibromyalgia patients were given pyridostigmine 1 hour prior to exercising, they were able to mount a reasonable GH response. As pyridostigmine is known to reduce somatostatin tone in the hypothalamus, this result is compatible with the notion that GH deficiency in fibromyalgia is a potentially reversible problem that has a physiologic basis i.e. increased hypothalamic somatostatin tone.

    Cheney said he thought that hgh would be able to repair damage to the hpa axis.

    Just thought it may be worth looking into for the right person.