Any Fibro Sufferers In Virginia, Please Help

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by LostHearts, Apr 5, 2007.

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    My hubby and I have set a time limit of 3 months for moving out of NJ. We simply cannot afford to live here anymore and will go broke if we stay.

    I had narrowed down our search to two states (based on real estate prices). These were Kentucky and Virginia. While filling out his application for a Kentucky nursing license, we found a link to new legislation in that state which would make it virtually impossible for me to obtain 4 out of the 7 meds I take every day! Three were restricted to 30 days with no refills, and the other was for only 14 days and no refills. What a horrible thing to do for those of us with chronic pain!

    My hubby is about to apply to two places in Virginia near the Roanoke area. I was wondering if Virginia has any such restrictive legislation. I must know before he applies for these jobs. I do not exaggerate when I say that these meds have made my life tolerable for the last 6 years. The meds are:

    Hydrocodone/Tylenol - I cannot take anything stronger as I am very sensitive to morphine, methadone etc.

    Klonopin - helps control my severe allodynia

    Carisparadol (SOMA) - without this drug I wouldn't be able to sleep at night

    Ativan - take only PRN when I "flip out". It helps to calm me down.

    Please, if anyone here lives in Virginia, let me know ASAP about any restrictions on prescriptions on the above medications. I was devastated by reading how very cruel Kentucky is--my hubby even had a job prospect lined up there! We are NOT addicts and deserve the medications we need and the respect that should be given to anyone suffering from severe illness.

    I am also depressed that my physical conditions do rule my life as much as I try to build an existence in spite of them. But the reality is that at present they even determine where we can move. :(

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