any fibromites near Salt Lake City?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ellie-b, Jul 16, 2006.

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    Any of you out there that live near SLC, I am getting so desperate for a dr., I am so depressed, I have been going to the FFC in Murry, I think they have helped me but I am no where near feeling good and having any energy and have lots of pail. I will be turning 65 in November and I am afraid that medicare will not pay anything on their treatment. I feel like I just need a good dr. that understands Fibro and will give me the meds I need. I have been on Dr Nelson's list for a couple of years but I haven't bugged him since I have been going to the FFC clinic.
    My daughter had a baby (a cute little girl) and of course I had to go see her in Minnapolis, then a couple of weeks after that my son got married, all good stuff, but stress, his bride is from Florida so we had to go there for the reception. We have been home for 2 weeks and I am still spending about 80% of my time in bed and sleeping most of that. so I feel crappy and discouraged, will I ever get at least part of my life back? thanks for listening, or reading Ellie from Utah
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    Hi, I am in Logan. You have several options in SLC. you can try to get in to the Uof U pain/sleep center. Although they do have you see the residents as it is a teaching hosipial . Also they have you see the shrinks first.

    A few years ago my first pain doctor quit his practice. And he gave us a list of several doctors that were from SLC to SAndy, Odgen. All you really need to do is to do a search online and ask where are the pain doctors in Utah and it should give you a few of them. Also you may try some other sites that have doctors listed on the site.

    I see a pain doctor here in Logan. And he is really good. but I know that just driving to Odgen to see my daughter causes me alot of pain and stiffness .And any doctor you find here is going to make you sign a paper saying that you will see the Doctor once a month ,EVERY month, you will see one doctor , go to one pharmacy, and one doctor will prescribe all narcotic's .

    It is a contract and it is binding , mine said that if I was asking for more pain meds than I needed in 28 days , then I could be put on a suspension. You have to have a darn good reason to ask for your meds early. And doing it often is bad and you have to go to your doctor every month and follow all his/her orders . I don't remember all the do's and don'ts that were on that contract but from what I understand it is farily common for Pain Doctors to require you to sign . IT is for their protection.

    I have not had any problems with my Doctor and yes it is a pain and sometimes the office visist is the same time as teh house payment is due and the $40.00 co-pay is a bit much as are the scripts that I take and my co-pays can be as low as $10 or higher.
    But that is what is on my husband's insurance policey and my doctor is not a PPO so he costs more.

    We have a new pain doctor here in Logan.He does NOT PRESCRIBE ANY PAIN MEDS AT ALL!!! He is more in to the facet injections, and the spineal epidurals and any treatment that he thinks will help you. But he does not prescribe any pain meds at all.

    But I think you best bet is to do a search and ask where are the pain doctors in SLC and surounding communities.

    I hope that you find one that you will mesh with.
  3. ellie-b

    ellie-b New Member

    I will keep looking, I live in Tooele, I like my family practice dr ok but when ever I go to her she wants to change my meds especially the thryoid and harmons, and I feel like I really need them. I may just get on the phone and do some calling. Thanks Ellie

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