any fun ideas for celebrating my b-day with exactly no energy?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by AuntTammie, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. AuntTammie

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    I know i am asking a bit late, as since it is now after 12AM, it is already officially my b-day, but I thought I'd ask anyway......I have no money, no energy, and I cannot eat much of anything w/o getting really sick and puking, so all the normal things are out

    I do have a friend (one of the few remaining ones) who could come here if I am up to it

    so I need to figure out something to do with him for a short while or something to do alone if I am not up for company

    haven't said anything thus far on here bc I have really not been looking forward to it....spent Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's alone & figured this would be the same....and have been getting really tired of never getting to celebrate anything ever with anyone, so I just stopped bringing it up

    then I reconsidered, bc I have always thought b-days were special and I can't deal with letting this one go by unannounced and unacknowledged and uncelebrated

    ETA my b-day is Jan 26 (just in case there is any confusion based on what the top of this post says - it is after 12 here)...and I am now officially 12 yrs shy of turning 50 -that means I am now 38 in case brain fog is interfering with figuring that out : )[This Message was Edited on 01/25/2010]
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    Wow, you are still young! It is tough when we do not feel up to anything to celebrate. Then add in broke and well what can be said?

    I can think of little other than doing exactly nothing but what you want to do. If you cannot eat then no need to worry about baking a cake or fixing yourself a meal.

    Perhaps watch your favorite film on dvd/video if you have it? Invite your friend over for a little while?

    If I were in your shoes and I wanted to do something special I would take a shower, put something very comfortable on, change my bed sheets and watch a film that would put me a good mood, while drinking some San Peligrino water and maybe nibble on some some soda crackers. If I needed to I would sleep and maybe I would call a good friend and talk for awhile. To me, clean sheets are a treat. It would be even better if someone else would change them for me : )

    Also, I would dig out the Beatles birthday song to play. Always loved that song--so so full of energy!
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    Okay, I noticed you said your friend is a "him". I was thinking a girlfriend, and was going to suggest she bring over nail polish and you could do each other's nails. Also, my DIL and her friends got together and did body tattoos (the stick-on type) and had a blast. Doesn't take a lot of energy for either of those....just not sure if "he" would be interested :)

    Absolutely, your fav music is a must!!
  4. AuntTammie

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    I know what you mean about the sheets....I only have one pair and while it keeps me from letting the laundry pile up, it does make it really hard when i just don't have the energy to get the laundry done - so, though I don't let them get really gross, unfortunately my sheets are also not clean nearly as often as i would like.....I did actually manage to wash them today, though - Yay!

    I will have to get that song playing're rt - it's a good energetic one

    I realize it probably seems weird to ask for ideas of things to do....I've been sick long enough I should have some ....& I sort of do, but I am tired of the same ol same I figured I might as well ask

    anyway, what you wrote does sound pretty nice

    oh and thanks for saying I am still young : ) I actually don't feel old per se, I mean I don't think that 38 is old......but I do feel old for not having a job, or a family, or anything I had planned.....and physically I feel ancient!
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    well, he would actually probably be willing to do my nails for me......he is a really good friend - I almost never see him anymore bc of how I lousy I usually feel, but he has still stuck with me.....not a boyfriend, though - just in case anyone is getting that idea

    not sure where to get stick on tatts ( I do actually have a few of the real kind, but the stick on ones are still fun, too)....but I am quite sure he would join me in doing that.....maybe I'll have to save that idea for some future day

  6. AuntTammie

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    LOL....your "oops" had me cracking did the "you're still a kid" comment.....I love you just for writing that : )

    I am not actually down about the b-day itself - I still think birthdays should be special.....just down about not having a job, a family, etc, etc, etc....all the things that usually come with being my age and all things that I have wanted all my life.....and I am also missing having my family around - I always used to spend all the holidays and my birthday with them and it's hard having them far away

    I thought I remembered something you wrote that would indicate that you are not that old yourself, though from this email perhaps I am wrong.....still, you should still celebrate your b-day & I don't mean that as a bad "should" - you know the kind that society wants to put on people - "you should do this, you should do that"....I don't mean it that way at all - I am glad that you seem to have found a peace with where you are in life overall (I mean, I know that you are angry about the way that PWC's get treated, but in general, being alone, not worrying about holidays spent alone, etc....from the things you have written in the past, you seem content with that, & I am happy for you that you feel that way)....when I say that you should celebrate your b-day, I mean that it is special bc it is the day you came into being and you are a pretty special person - that deserves recognition