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  1. caffey

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    I know we are all walking in difficult situations with our health issues and family issues etc. Some days are so overwhelming. Said all that to say. My girlfriend brought over a new cd Anthony Burger a tribute to Bill and Gloria Gaither. It is amazing. It is so soothing and healing. A good cd to put on when you are feeling crappy or one of those days. I cried and cried through it. Bandwoman was telling me the value of putting music on every day and the healing power of it. Just thought I would share this with you and if you listen to it I hope it will bless you like it did me.
  2. sixtyslady

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    their music has brought me threw many a bad times,
    I also have Elvis gospel c.d.
    it just helps so much to listen to soothing music.
    blessing sixtyslady
  3. Pottersclay

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    That is the only type of Christian music my husband likes is the type Bill Gaither and his group sings.
  4. caffey

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    I love Vestal. I can hardly wait to meet her in Heaven. Those Elvis videos are great also. I always cry at We Shall Behold Him but since I heard that Anthony Burger had just finished playing it when he suddenly died I can't think of him or that song in the same way. Bill Gaither is an amazing man. What gift God has given us.
  5. Lms526

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    To be completely honest, I'm not really all that familiar with the music of Bill Gaither. However, there is one song that has touched me deeply. It's called "Something Beautiful" It was the title of a Christian romance I once read. It didn't quote the lyrics, but I thought it sounded like a neat song, so I looked up the lyrics on my own. They really spoke to me. The lyrics are so powerful and I feel they represent the story of my own life. I agree. Bill Gaither has such a gift.


  6. coolma

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    the role of good, inspried music in my life can't be measured - I would lie in bed and play and replay my music =- gospel sounds which soothed the soul. If it weren't for my faith, and love of good music - and that includes the Gaithers, old time gospel sounds, and even the works of the great masters - and some of the great music of the recent years past - I would not have survived. I'm talking YEARS of bed rest and illness. It's 12 years later for me, and I now play and sing the music that literally saved me! P.S. I could only sit for 20 minutes at a time at my organ - and I started practicing the music I loved. It's a whole lot of years later - and you wouldn't believe what 20 minutes of joy a day can do!
    Have faith and believe in a power greater than you can see!
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    I love Vestal as well. It is sad that so many of those singers are gone but they must be making some some great heavenly music somewhere.

    I think I save this article on the healing power of music. I may try to scan that in an paste it. Now that I think of it that might be breaking the copywrite laws so maybe I will just quote some of it.

    The long and short of it was listening to music 30 min a day has been as affective as some prescription pain killers. So that is a pretty inexpensive and safe and enjoyable way to get some pain relief.

  8. jinlee

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    Anthony was called home to be with the Lord last summer I think. If you go on You Tube there are gaither videos and a video of his performances.

    He died on a Gaither cruise, playing the piano, of all songs "We shall behold him" He just froze at the piano and they did 45 minutes of CPR but he was beholding his Lord and that was that. What a way to go! He will be surely and muchly missed.

    The story was also told of how he had burned his hands and arms, third-degree burns, as a small child and how miraculously his hands healed and he dedicated those hands and his talent to the Lord.

    Also type in just Anthony Burger on search engine and his life will amaze you, just shows what God can and will do, all we have to be is willing.
  9. fivesue

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    How sad. How wonderful he played the piano.

    I have the DVD on the concert in Jerusalem...what a wonderful, uplifting musical it is.

    I will have to check out the web and see what happened. How neat he's with the Lord. How sad for us he's no longer here to play the piano.