Any good advice about naturopathic doctors?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by teller7, Jun 22, 2003.

  1. teller7

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    Has anyone in here gone to a naturopathic doctor and had any success? Guess I'll have to try it. I've had a very depressing weekend. Can't seem to stop the tears and just want to hide in a corner and not come out.
  2. klutzo

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    What state are you in? That is the all important question. Naturopaths are only licensed in 3 states that I know of (Oregon, Washington and Connecticutt), though there are strong movements in several others (California, Ariozona) to license them.
    If you are in a non-license state, it may be a felony to practice Naturopathy, like it is here in Florida.
    The result is that truly qualified people who have the 9 yrs. of required schooling that includes pharmacology, are not going to live in a state they can't practice in.
    In my state, Naturopaths usually are trained by correspondence courses, and in order to stay out of jail, they call themselves "Certified Natural Health Professionals". Or, they get a PhD in some other subject so they can put "Doctor" in front of their name without being arrested. You can learn a lot by correspondence, I know I did, but you don't learn basic anatomy, the science behind medicine, and conventional pharmacy like you should if you are going to be someone's primary doctor. In non-licensing states, practitioners cannot write prescriptions or order lab tests or x-rays, etc. My Naturopath told me I knew more than she did, and because I knew she was right in saying that, I stopped going.
    I am not trying to discourage you, just to alert you to be cautious. It is a far better thing, in non-licensing states, to find yourself a holistic M. D. or D.O. who can give you the best of both worlds at one location.
    Try a websearch for The American Academy for the Advancement of Medicine. They list all their member doctors by state, and docs who join them are holistically oriented.
    Best of luck,
  3. sofy

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    and still need to find a good one. The last one I went to looked at the long list of individual supplements I wanted help managing and shook his head and said it was beyond him and wanted me to stop everything and start taking his very expensive product. Mind you, you have to buy it at their office. Now this product might be the wonder product that could have saved me a lot of trouble but the fact he said he couldnt advise me on the supplements I was taking induvidually and only had knowledge about the PROCUCTS he carried sent red flags up my pole so I didnt go back. He did sell me some refrigerated probiotic that finally cleared up my stomach from a bout of antibiotice so he deserves some credit.
    Any one who sells what they prescribe has a built in monetary bias that could affect how they treat you.
    All that being said I am still looking for a new one but havnt had they energy to do the search.
  4. klutzo

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    I am sad to know that this conflict of interest is still present even in states with licensing. I thought it would go away once Naturopaths could bill insurance like regular docs, and make a decent living without having to sell stuff. I'm sorry it hasn't.
    However, regular docs really do a similar thing. Drug company salespeople come to their offices and bring them lunch and convince them to give out their free samples and prescribe their drugs. The only difference is the docs aren't getting anything but lunch in return (we hope).
    The whole set-up stinks.
    I hope you find a better doc soon.
  5. teller7

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    I'm in Oregon. The NP dr has gone to school for six years I believe and has completed advance courses in other stuff. Now I don't understand it because I've never had the need to go to one. I'm just leary I guess. I'm so sad about what my regular doctor said about Dr Berg. He doesn't agree with Dr. Berg at all, and said he wouldn't even send his wife there. It's been a very depressing weekend for me. Tomorrow is my appt with the NP doctor. Don't really know how I feel about anything at the moment. Thank you guys for answering me
  6. pam_d

    pam_d New Member may take some digging and real detective work, but it is a good idea to try & find an MD or DO who uses both traditional and naturopathic medicine. My allergist (who is 100% responsible for my health improvements) is an MD who uses both traditional treatments, but increasingly more natural treatments. He's extremely thorough, has a complete knowledge of testing, treatment options, supplements, etc. He's not afraid to prescribe a medicine when needed (like for my migraines---until we nail down the triggers) but always looks for a natural option first---be it dietary changes, supps, etc. These doctors are out there, but it often takes a lot of sleuthing!!!

    Good luck,
  7. Bellesmom

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    gone to a naturopath about 5 times now I think it is since the beginning of the year.

    I am about as leery as anyone as far as trying alternative methods but I think he's been helpful to me. He is quite interested in what I was told I have (FMS) but suggested that I seemed more to have CFIDS. Anyway - he's tried different things and some of them seem to work in sync with what I've learned here on the board.

    I am also going to a new MD so between all three sources (since I have limited income and no medical insurance) I am trying to find help.

    I ended up with a naturopath because I could not get anyone else to see me since I don't have the health insurance.

    I think a naturopath offers more along the lines of nutrition and whatever he has for sale in his supplement section. It's all a personal thing. I really had no idea they were not licensed anywhere but three states. Very interesting!

    Where do you live?

    Spanaway, WA
  8. klutzo

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    Have you tried Neurotherapy? It is based on what you said in your post about brain injury. I am seeing a Neurologist who does it on Fibro patients tomorrow for my first appt.
    I'll keep you posted (provided I can afford to do it).
  9. sofy

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    magnesium keeps my pain at a controlled place without any scrip medications so yes, sometimes supplements can help.
    That being said the first naturopath had me on lots of different supplements, no magnesium. I found magnesium on my own by typing in my symptoms into google and eventually all paths let to magnesium. Once I found mag. glycinate I was able to take enough to manage the problem. I now take quite a few more supplements and am somewhat better.