Any good CFS doc in MN?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by scott43mn, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. scott43mn

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    I'm looking for a good doc in the st cloud area.. or possibly between st cloud and the twin cities. Thanks in advance.
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  2. cisasnaps

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    I'm in St. Paul and looking as well, going to contact a couple of the posters on this blog...

  3. richvank

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    I can't recommend docs for liability reasons, but here is a piece of information:

    Dr. Karen Vrchota is in Winona, MN.

  4. SherylS

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    I live in the twin cities and have been looking for a good CFCs doctor for 5 years now. I do have a few names I can give you.

    Dr Thomas Sult with Williams Integracare in St. Cloud. I have not been to him, but he lists chronic fatigue and fibro as his specialties.

    Dr Kara Parker with Family Medical Center in Minneapolis. Again, I have not seen her(yet), but she also lists chronic fatigue and fibro as specialties.

    Dr. Jamie Feldman at Women's Health Center in Minneapolis. I have seen her a couple of times. Didn't really do much for me, just the usual meds that don't work for me.

    I am going to now see a holistic doctor as I think they are willing to run more tests and help in more natural ways. I will see Dr Michael Dole at Dakota Clinic in St Louis Park. I have read some good things about him so I am crossing my fingers!!

    I also go to a good integrative doctor who works with hormones and supplements. He is Dr Gregory Pippert with Body Logic in Maple Grove.

    Wish I could tell you I had found the miracle worker, but don't know that there is one out there for this disease. We just have to keep trying!!

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    I too, live in the twin cities area and have struggled to find a CFS doctor for years. I gave up a while ago and started to travel to Dr. Lerner.

    I was in touch with the author of the blog mentioned above. She was generous enough to share the information she had about this. She also put me in touch with a friend of hers from MN, who also shared her information. (Thank you both!) I received permission to share here, what they shared with me.

    I have not seen any of these doctors, but I may try and report back.

    Dr. Laurie Radovsky, in St. Paul, MN
    I read a couple nice reviews of her. She does list CFS/FM as some of her specialties. Looks as though she has privileges at several clinics/hospitals.

    A great holistic doc: Kevin Wand, D.O. in Apple Valley, MN

    To echo Rich VanK- Dr. Vrchota was also strongly recommended to me. She is intergrative, meaning she treats with western and alternative treatments. She does not accept insurance, but her clinic does provide you the documents to turn into your own policy yourself.

    Please let us know if you try anyone here, or if you find someone else. There are so many of us in MN who struggle with this a great deal.

    Best of luck,
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    Scott43mn, did you ever find a good CFS doc in St. Cloud? I also live in the St. Cloud area and am looking for a CFS doc in St. Cloud. Also, do you know of any support groups or anyone else in St. Cloud who actually has CFS? It would be nice to communicate and possibly interact with others in the area that have this illness. Thanks
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    daniel99New Member
    Scott43mn and Daniel99-I live in St Cloud MN and need a doctor who has any idea avout CFS-not holistic
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    I seen Doctor Sult in Alex, MN for the last yr-a bit more holistic and I
    think I have been left with is thousands in bills and hundreds in vitamin cost and do
    not feel any better at all..