any good doctors in northern va for fms/cfs?

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    I was wondering if anyone knew of a good rheum. or cfs doctor in northern Va? I haven't been able to find a good doctor in my area since Dr.Clauw left the area several years ago. I saw Dr.Clauw for about 8 years and he was very understanding. His nurse practioner Kim Groner was excellent!!! Also, does anyone know if minacipran is available yet for us? My husband heard something on the radio about it being the first FDA approved for FMS/CFS. Thanks for any replies. KEKE1972
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    Have you checked out the Northern Virginia CFS Support Group's list of doctors? The ones on the list have all been recommended by group members in your area.

    If not, it can be found at

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    Hi, I live in northern va. There are few cfs Drs. here. I use a Rheumy Dr. in Aldie. Dr. Norman Levin is pretty good but he does not accept insurance. Also, he mainly practices alternative med which I like better. He will give you meds if you ask or really need them. I have been seeing him for 13 years now. I do have other Drs. though so I can be covered through insurance. Supposedly, there is a CFS Dr. in Reston, Dr. Shor. I have never used him so I can't make any reccomendations. He is big on pharm drugs. Of course if you can afford it, Dr. Titlebaum is in Annapolis. That's all I know about. I hope you find someone. If you do and you are happy with him/her maybe you could give me his/her name. Thanks, good luck, Jess