Any good fibro docs in Colorado?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by katvwolf, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. katvwolf

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    Anyone know of any good fibro docs in Denver or CO Springs?
  2. cct

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    If you click on the "Support Groups" tab (purple tab upper right hand corner of this page), you can search for the link to the Rocky Mountain CFIDS/FMS Association.

    The RMCFA provides a list of doctors for the front range.

  3. rockyjs

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    I like Dr. Baker. He's a rheumatologist and has helped several of us here with FM and related syndromes (I have Ehlers-Danlos). Make sure you ask for him specifically, though, because others in his office don't believe in fibromyalgia.


    PS - I just noticed on another post that you were in a car accident. I have a great chiropractor - Patrick Stassen here in the Springs. He's the only one I've gone to who adjusts me very carefully and does not make my pain worse.

    As far as the pain from the accident, there is a physiatrist (pain management) doctor here in town who is also fantastic. Her name is Terry Struck. She can do EMGs if needed and is very thorough. She's not a pill-pusher (I can't take meds) and respects my choices. The best physical therapist I know of here is Diane (can't remember her last name) at Balance Point Vestibular Therapy. I have been hurt so many times by physical therapists - she's the only one I trust.

    It took me years to put together my "dream team." I hope this helps!

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    When I lived in Denver, I went to Dr. Sainer at the Fibro and Fatigue Center. It's south of Denver in the burbs. I thought that she was great.
  5. katvwolf

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    Thanks for the feedback, everyone!


    I've tried going for PT and to a chiro, since I favor holistic methods of pain management. However, both made my pain worse! :( I then saw a pain management specialist and he seemed intent on giving me cortisone shots or Darvocet (both of which I refused). I was referred for these by CSHP, which seemed like a revolving door.

    I switched docs in August and am now seeing a wonderful doc, but I'm wondering if I need to be seeing someone who specializes in FM. My current doc agreed with my refusal of cortizone shots, saying that I would need so many and every few months that I would end up being unhappy with the way I looked and felt. He respects my decisions not to take narcotics. I am currently taking tramadol, which has helped make the pain more bearable, and I'm taking 10mg of amitriptyline at night, which has actually made me sleep for the first time in years. Overall, I'm pleased with my current doc's care, but I thought it couldn't hurt to see a specialist, who may have more holistic ideas for pain management. I am really researching trigger point therapy and that is what I'd like to try next. Do you know any good massage therapists around the area?


  6. rockyjs

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    Massage actually makes me feel worse but I'll check around and try to get a few names for you.

    I think you would love Dr. Struck (the physiatrist). Her office manager has fibromyalgia and uses natural treatments. Dr. Struck can either work with your doctor to do testing and pain management or you can actually see her independently and ask her to coordinate your care including physical therapy. She's usually booked at least a couple of months in advance but you can ask to be put on a cancellation list.

    The one type of physical therapy I did tolerate was aquatic therapy in a warm pool. That hour in the pool was the only time I was pain-free. I eventually developed an allergy to the chemicals (chlorine and bromine) and had to stop, but it was heaven while it lasted.

    There is a small fibromyalgia support group here that meets once a month for lunch. Many of the ladies also have lupus and/or celiac. If you're interested let me know and I'll try to get you info on the next meeting. It's very special speakers, just sharing of experiences and information.

    Can you believe the winter we're having here?!

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