Any good FM Doctors in Western Kentucky

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by noenergy, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. noenergy

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    Does anyone know of any good doctors in the western part of Kentucky that treat FM and believe it to be a illness that is not just all in your mind.

    The doctor I was seeing just the same as told me, she didn't believe in Fibromyalgia as being a true illness that required any pain meds or any other medications to help with the pain, fatigue or brain fog.

    I despartly need a new doctor....please let me know if you know of a good one in my area.
  2. gidgetsmom

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    sorry to say I don't know of any! if you run a search, I think they're north and east of us. my primary ran all the tests, didn't come up with anything and doesn't give meds either. best I could get was a muscle relaxer, very restricted lorazepam for IBS, and a referral to rheumy. He prescribed tramadol until he felt the dose was too high (2 every 4 hours). I then was sent to pain management where thankfully they were able to help. I was given lortab, flexeril, and upped dosage of amitriptylene for sleep. currently undergoing injections but they're not really helping so don't see that continuing. 6 month checkup from rheumy he pretty much told me FM is a deconditioning and the more I forgot that I had it, the better I would get!!! as you can see, most help I've had has been controlling the pain instead of the disease. please let me know if you do find a doc around us!!!

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