Any GOOD Tips on Losing Weight?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Donya58, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. Donya58

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    I just read the thread asking if fms and fat went hand and hand. I for one did gain 90 pounds in the last 5 years. I know a lot of it is due to lack of physical activity. I do try to eat healthy but the weight just seems to be stuck on me like glue. CKK and Rosiebud, I noticed you both lost some weight. How did you do it? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Donya:))
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    hello! well, first of all i decided to make up my own "diet" 'cause i wasn't gonna deprive myself of anything or do the whole "salad" thing or count calories. So, i looked over all my "faults". one was soda, that was a biggie for me, so instead of drinking 12 cans a day i cut back to 3 and in just 2 weeks, just doing that i lost 12lbs! then, i eat at night, this was a biggie. so, instead of eating, i got on the phone and talked with my friend until i went to bed. then with my helpings i made sure that no matter how much i liked what i was eating i left something on my plate, NO MATTER WHAT. i never deprived myself. if i went to a party, i had that piece of cake, it was just smaller and i watched what i had the next day. if you just eat salads and count calories as far as i am concerned...i am running to mcdonalds fasters than a rabbit but because i did things slowly and at my pace it was kinda easy. also a big thing for me? i didn't tell many people that i was on a diet. less pressure on yourself. this way if you have a few chips they are not staring at you going i thought you were on a diet? once you start noticing your clothes are a little loser, it gives you incentive to do more good for yourself and to try other ways to cut back on how you can lose the weight. if you need any more help let me know i will be glad to help you. good luck and just know that whatever you set your mind to you can do it and do it great!
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    Thanks a lot ckk!! I sure know what you mean by keeping the "diet" to yourself. Everyone does pounce on you if they think you're eating something you shouldn't have. Snacking at night is a biggie for me, especially when I'm watching TV and all those food ads come on. I'm going to cut back on my portions and see how I do. I'll keep you posted. Have a good day. Donya:))
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    I understand that our carb cravings are our bodies desperate attempts to find a source of energy. I'm losing weight on a strict low carb diet. Hope you find something to help you Donya.
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    I bought the At Home kit because I don't have time or energy for meetings, and it's really cheaper anyway (just a one-time charge of $99.95 or $124.95, depending on which one you choose). I lost 30 lbs. in 3 months, and have kept it off for 6 months so far. I don't even have to consciously "diet" anymore. :)

    The program worked wonders for me - it really taught me HOW to eat better. It's all about portion sizes, caloric values and nutritional values of various foods and allowances based upon your weight and exercise level. You can choose between two plans, and you end up learning a new eating lifestyle that really enables you to keep the weight OFF. (Plus, you learn the value of exercise!)
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    I have been doing the South Beach loosely for aqbout 6 months. I have lost 54 lbs which is at 8 from my first goal. I need to lose more but I had set a reachable goal. The last 10 to my goal have been so slow. I lost 2 lbs last month. But this has worked for me pretty well for me. When I am bad I go back to the Phase 1 for a wk to get back on track. I am doing a recumbent bike 30 min a few times a wk depending on how I feel. South Beach has a website that can give you all the info or I got my book from amazon for abt $10 bucks. I have put on a lot of weight since I have bben sick from lack of exercise and nothing to do but eat.
  7. LOL! Seriously I am trying low carb again, with the occasional treat. So far so good, but it is hard. good luck everyone.
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    Thanks so much for all your input. Your sharing and concern has made me feel better about myself already.:))
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    For me the motivation came after the injury in Oct. 04 that started the FMS, only I didn't know it at the time. Being on crutches with a fractured ankle and a sprained ankle wasn't easy with all that excess weight. My knees were also injured as well. Crawling up the stairs or getting up from standing down to my knees to scoot down the stairs was extremely painful. When I started PT this memory was fresh enough for me to want to build my endurance on the stationary bike so I could lose weight. I didn't want to continue to have knee and ankle problems because of the extra weight.

    I began to eat healthy foods and cut portion sizes in half. As my clothes became looser, I was encouraged to continue. I read Dr. Phil's weight loss book and watched his shows about weight loss along with Oprah and was encouraged. I stopped eating fast food, except for occassionally pizza. I bought fat free cheese and reduced fat mayo or didn't put any mayo on my sandwiches. I cut out almost all sweets, except an occassional treat and then I made sugar free pudding with 1% milk. The white chocolate flavor is good.

    Unfortunately the more I worked at it, the worse I felt. I couldn't figure it out. Not only was I puzzled by it, but so was my PCP. That must be why he took my health symptoms seriously, because I was making positive lifestyle changes, yet felt more fatigued and sick all the time. It was the FMS developing, yet I persisted with the exercise and healthy eating because I wanted so desperately to be healthy. By Mar. I was so dizzy I finally had to take time off work while the doctor ran some tests and when I needed more time off my employer layed me off which was ok with me.

    Between Dec. and now I've lost at least 55 lbs. and have about 70 more to go.

    I continue to exercise about 4 - 5 X a week doing a variety of exercise including: riding a stationary bike, using nautilus weight machines, yoga classes, low impact beginner chi ball aerobic classe and aquatic exercise class. Right now I feel like this is my job exercise and eating since I'm not working. This is about all I get done during the week other than a little laundry and little housework. I'm exhausted.

    I eat whole grains, fresh fruits, mostly chicken and turkey, and make HM veg soup at least once a week. I'm not a big veggie person, so HM soups help. I try to make HM beans when I can too.

    Lately it's getting a little harder with the exercise because I am having a lot more pain, so I might have to make some changes. I think it's the fall weather changes. I'm hoping by losing the weight in the long run the FMS won't be so painful and I'll get better. Maybe it's wishful thinking.