any guys with fms,cfs

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  1. tomkat

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    How many guys are here with fms,cfs and usual quandries
    associated with such?I know at some of the other forums I
    belong to there aren't many.Ladies no prejudice here just
    want to know.ALL MY BEST,TOMMY
  2. jaster45

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    I am a guy and did have CFS.I do have several posts in which I have written and you are more than welcome to check them out.My personal stroy it here as well.

    Take care,
  3. fifty1ford

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    I was diagnosed with FMS and CFIDS two years ago after suffering for about a year and then going through a years worth of testing, so it's been about fours years with this stuff. It is not easy when your salary is 75% of the household income and not working simply isn't an option.

    Due to societal pressures, men are expected to be strong and are considered whimps by many unenlightened people when we complain of undiagnoseable pain. It's been very difficult for my wife to accept my new limitations and our marriage has suffered greatly as a consequence. It's long-term prognosis is not favorable.

    These ailments can really make you feel alone, but I am not going to let these things beat me. I am determined to regain my physical conditioning that I lost due to four years of relative inactivity. The good news is that I have grown temendously in mind and spirit and am mentally stronger than I used to be.

    This is probably more than you wanted to hear, but what the heck.

    ford j.
  4. woppini

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    Yep, we are here. Not as many as the ladies, but we all get along rather well. :O) (Actually, VERY well) I have cfs.