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    Hi All;

    I recently had a magnesium IV done(about3wks). Had to do the 24hr urine testing. It took about 2hrs.

    This was done to see if I needed magnesium and it has the effect for some people to feel better, less fatigue, less pain.

    The urine test after the IV drip showed I had a 35% increase in magnesium. Thats good I guess. But the magIv caused me to be sick for days after with a good size headache.No fun

    Well now they want me to do another but they are changing the magnesium &lower dosage. But I am so afraid of being as sick as I was last time.
    Anyhow I will do it,in HOPES of not getting sick or as sick!! Anything to try to ease the effects of this DD.:>)

    I was wondering if anyone here has had the magnesium drip or needles???
    And did it help you????

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