any help for brain fog??

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    Has anyone had any success in treating brain fog? So much of the time I feel as if I'm under water and just can't focus or connect. My doctor recommended a low dose of Wellbutrin, but I haven't had much success with antidepressants. Doesn't feel like depression, because I have so much desire to be well, participate, and enjoy life. Just feel sad and frustrated about not having the energy and focus to do so. I'm willing to try, though, if it could bring me more life and clarity. Any suggestions? The other things I've heard about are coQ10, b12, and a sugar-free diet. thanks, Barbara
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    I take wellbutrin and it has helped. But I find being out there with friends and laughing is the best medicine. It reduces stress.
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    I wish someone could answer that for me....
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    I just started taking the sublingual B-12 and it seems to help somewhat with the brain fog. It also makes me feel "awake", just normal (whatever normal is!!); not all hyped up like I drank too much coffee. I got mine at GNC; 1000mcg of B-12 with folic acid. Gave some to my daughter and she had favorable results as well. I take it first thing in the morning. Just let it dissolve under your tongue (about 2 minutes), and try not to swallow your saliva until it's completely dissolved. Give it a try, you really don't have a lot to lose. I think they were under $15 for 60.
    Love and blessings
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    go to dr. teitlebaum's web site doc who wrote from fatigued to fantastic and he has a list of what will help certain conditions and i know he has one for this....

    i think you can also go the the library in this immunesupport site and type in his name also and get what you need.

    take care...crissy
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    I take Provigil, which does help. The trouble is, it makes me want to babble on and on, which my husband hates. Well, I AM conscious when this happens - and I do have free will. Perhaps I can simply make myself aware of it, and simplyl tell myself to stop!

    Also, it seems that when I get stress under control and get more, and better quality, sleep, my fibrofog is not so bad.

    Use Post-It notes like crazy and make lists. These really have helped me. Write in appointments on a big, family calendar as soon as they are made - or at least as soon as you get home. Use one of those Post-It notes to remind yourself to go to the appointment when it gets close. I never go to the grocery store anymore without a list. Otherwise I forget. I've been developing a perpetual shopping list to keep in my computer. It has a place to check if I need the item and a place to check if I don't need it. I have various kinds of stores listed separately and have developed the habit of taking them with me.

    Use spell checkers when they are available, and a dictionary when they are not. Get to know your calculator. Ask for help.

    Simplify your life. Get rid of junk. Organize what you have left. Don't do work you don't have to do, and save time to do something fun, if you can. If what you used to do for fun is no longer possible, find something new that IS possible. These things will help you get rid of unnecessary stress, too.

    It also helps to be able to laugh at ourselves. Search this board for the threads we've had on this subject. Perhaps using the word, "humor," or "fun," will lead you to them. You'll enjoy them. Also, there are whole websites on the Internet devoted to funny stories about fibrofog. Use a good search engine to find those stories. You may wish to print out some of these stories and keep them handy. You'll probably be amazed how much it helps to see some humor in the situation.

    That's enough for now.

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    My own personal remedies:
    1. Antidepressants work great for me. Depression is such a mislabeled disease - it should be called "seratonin deficit disorder" or something. It's not a mood; it's a misfiring of neurons. It can happen for any number of reasons, and affects many things, including memory and concentration. It can make you feel downright spacy and DUMB.
    2. Tone down that sugar. Wayyyy, wayyyy down.
    3. Up the Vitamin C. Worked for me. Make sure you get enough B, like a good multi-B supplement (it really calms me down amazingly).
    4. Drink LOTS of water, at least 8 glasses a day. Could be dehydration. Nothing you ingest will help much unless you're well hydrated. If you eat a hideously junky diet, even MORE. If you've got to eat that junk, at least wash most of it OUT.
    5. Get enough sleep, and sleep normal hours. Don't sleep wayyyyin in the morning (as I have a tendency to do). Go to bed at a normal time.
    6. Don't drink cola drinks. I manage coffee just fine, but limit it to two cups a day (never in the evening).
    7. Do word puzzles. Start easy, do harder and harder ones. Keeps your brain "muscles" flexing.
    8. Chronic sinus infections?? I had them too. I take echinacea/goldenseal for 6-10 days when I have a mild one. I don't drink milk or fruit juices, as they make me stuffy. (ANYTIME YOU TAKE ANTIBIOTICS, NATURAL OR OTHERWISE - TAKE ACIDOPHILUS AFTERWARDS.) I don't drink cola either.
    9. Keep those recreational drugs to a minimum, including booze.
    10. Write notes. When your boss tells you to do something, ask him/her to wait while you jot yourself a note. Be honest, within reason. "I'm not feeling too well these days, and I'm a big foggy. Could you wait while I write myself a reminder."
    11. Don't be too hard on yourself. You're not dumb and you're not getting Alzheimer's disease. This can be reversed, though it may take some time. (P.S. "Pseudodementia" is often a symptom of clinical depression. It's not like true dementia, because it isn't causing permanent damage to your brain. It can be treated with anti-depressants, but may take up to a year to take full effect.)

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    One more thing I do for general energy, and I forgot to mention it: vegetable juicing!!! Use a juicer, not a blender or processor. Get a juicing book w/ lots of recipes and experiment. Don't get me wrong - I don't love vegetables much. But it doesn't take long to gulp down a refreshing, pleasant-tasting drink and, within an hour, feel a hundred times better!
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    I agree with babyzee about the sugar.

    You might also try decaf coffee as well as water(good well tasting bottled water is best or natural spring or artesian well water) and soy milk(for me regular works ok). Also for me I take a Vitamin B complex 100 when my head feels "wrong"

    I hope this helps

    David Drake
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    Proenergy (malic acid and magnesium), 3 about an hour before breakfast, and 3 about an hour after lunch. It definitely helps with brain fog.
    Good luck,