Any help for std/ltd claim - FM with mva

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tcat, Aug 18, 2005.

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    I am a fibro sufferer and have been able to work for the 7 years since diagnoseswith enduring pain. Was invovled in a rear-end mva in May with back muscle injuries. Short-term disability paid me for first 4 weeks and have since cut me off - stating their medical personnel is reviewing my records and I should have been healed weeks ago. Muscle spasms - knotted up trigger points the size of oranges in my back, trouble walking, sleeping, funtioning, diabetes, hypertension, depression and major right now. Seeing an ortho and internist for this who say it is a disabilit and the std is griping about the ortho's treatement of me. I am ending the 12 week std limit and look like I'll have to go ltd. About to lose my home and auto for their dragging around. Any suggestions how to conquer this problem?
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    I went thru all of this. I sued the insurance of the guy who hit me because I could no longer work. I was able to work with fibro prior to the accident then after that I was unable to work. My Ltd cut me off saying I needed to prove I was totally disable. I got my lawyer to fight that one too. Just won it 3 weeks ago after a 3 year battle. Won the car accident one in Jan after a 3 year battle. My advice is hire a good lawyer and fight them all. Stick with it, you will win. If you need the name of my lawyer you can email me at He was fabulous. He is in Toronto. I was so scared for my financial future as I worked at the same place 27 years. Had fibro the last 5. Then the car accident and I was out of comision. I was so scared I would lose my home. Well I didnt. Between the two law suits I bought a brand new car, paid off my house and put some money in the bank. I got approved for CPP disability benefits so I also have a regular monthly income. So if it looks like you wont be going back to work then apply for disability right now. Get things started. It takes 2 to 3 years to settle everything. Any how good luck and let me know if you want my lawyers info.
    hugs, poodlemum

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