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    I have candida in my throat and its been there for over 5 years.. when
    > i first got it it was due to being given overdoses of penicillen.. and
    > i was miss dignosed for 2 months for depression and anxious disoder..
    > i found the thrush my self after complaining the whole time that i
    > couldnt breath properly, that my neck was swollen, that i was dizzy
    > and had blurred vision.., also, burning on my skin and pain all over
    > my body..also i lost 22kgs..and the feeling of inflamation systemicly..
    > when i found the thrush it cover my entire mouth and after seeing an
    > ear nose and throat doctor he said it was the worst case of thrush he
    > had ever seen..
    > i have been tested for all immune issues and im fine..
    > i was given alot of fluconazole on and off..but it never fully killed
    > did help me get better.
    > i started eating again and more..
    > 4 months ago i woke with eratic heart beat and all above symptoms had
    > returned..i couldnt eat or even get off the counch cronic
    > fautige..took over..
    > since this i have been back on fluconazole and have got better..2
    > months ago i went off the meds and its starting again..
    > im really feed up with being told only people with hiv have it that
    > bad..
    > the doctors say its highly unlikely that i have systemic candida..
    > im sure they are i have had it for 5 years and thats
    > unlikely..
    > and apart from that im healthy..
    > no other test show any issues..i have never had a biopsy but with the
    > camera down my throat many times the thrush has been view so how can
    > they know how far it has gone,,,grrrrr
    > im so upset..i take inner health plus and also am on the sugar free
    > and yeast free diet..i eat 6 cloves raw of garlic a day..
    > i need help how do i know how to find a doctor who can fix me..
    > what doctor would specilize with this issue..
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    You might want to change your title line to read something about candida. There are lots of folks here who can help, but when they see a generic looking help message they might not read it.

    You can also do a search on it. This has been discussed a lot. I can't help because I just wasn't paying attention!

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    An environmental doc, if in Canada, or a naturopath, chiro, herbalist, holistic nutritionist, someone liek that.

    Plain yogurt can cure your thrush lickety split. I see the thrush letting go w/in half a day. It's so simple it gets overlooked. You want a yogurt that has just milk and bacterial cultures, skip the lowfat, they have fillers that dilute the efficacy.

    Also, have you changed your toothebrush when you saw signs of it clearing w/ the drug your doc gave you? I saw a ladies testimony that she had thrush for years and it was a dentist that finally suggested the toothebrush change, and it was as simple as that after years of suffereing.

    I don't like rx antifungals at all. That could be why it never goes away, they carry the risk of developing resistant strains. It happened to me w/ nystatin.

    It is very hard to find a doctor that believes we can have candida problems. They are trained that candida is only for the severely immuno suppressed, liek w/ AIDS and cancer. Its all part and parcel of their predjudice toward the severity of this disease that they don't realize that we have severe immune comprimization and candida is a huge issue for us too.