Any high energy individuals with CFIDS, how do you get by?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MonteCar, Mar 7, 2003.

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    I put a post on here yesterday but might have worded it different than I wanted to so I'm going to try again. Is there any of you with CFIDS that have always had lots of energy and strength and enjoyed doing some many things. I think I am kind of caught in this rut and its just so hard to enjoy things when I have pain all the time. Anyone else have anything to add?


    Kurt (yes, actually MonteCar is for my 2 Monte Carlo SSs, '87 & '88 Respectively:), thanks for asking.
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    were classic overacheivers. I ran my own small one woman service business, did all the home repairs (i own a radial arm saw), have a prize winning landscape garden all done by little old me, did all my own financial planning and enjoyed it. Could even do a gourmet meal but kept the cooking to simple but healthy. Always had at least 10 artistic projects in progress including having my own wheel and kiln for pottery. Stained my whole house in 3 days. People were always asking me "how do you do it all". I dont work and am barely holding on now but am slowly working my way up. I am convinced there is a mind body connection and that just a lot of pills are never going to get me there. Accepting that I have a responsibility for my own healing is healling in itself. Much of that responsibility lies in self discovery and looking in places I have kept too busy to have to stop and look at for a long time. My body has screamed stop and now it is up to me to pay attention.