any homebounders forced to do jury duty?

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    I asked me doc for a medical release form and he refused saying it has to be a life threatening illness!!! is this true? I wrote to the court administrator to explain my situation and i told them what my doc he will look stupid if he is wrong....

    there is no way i can sit for any length of time.....i haven't been out of been for a whole day in years! and i forget everything! in fact, i have to call the court administrator to find out when i have to go and the details becasue i can't remember where i put the letter with the information....i would not want me on my jury!!!!

    i hope i get excused.....have any other people like me been forced to do this? i won't make it through one full day.

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    Hi your post caught my eye, I have been called to jury duty for three or four years straight in a row. I just called my Dr and told her besides not feeling well enough physiciallyto sit or stand for possibly hours that mentally I dont feel like I should be judging anyone as im taking daily morhine narcotics,xanax,ambien and several other drugs.and spiritually I believe there is only one that should judge and that is God not me.with that being said she wrote a quick note to the courthouse and they didnt want me. next year same thing,and so on but this year I ask her is my diease ever going to be cured and she said not likely and so I asked her to write alittle stronger message to these people who keep calling me up for jury duty and she did,she said something to the effect about the difficulty of sitting,standing for any length of time,she mentioned my brain fog due to dissease and medications and that I more than likely wouldnt ever improve to the point to be able to be on the jury duty.The jury wrote me and said they wouldnt be calling on me but if I should get better it was my legal duty to let them know. they are a pain in the but.sorry but there are tons of people who love doing that sort of thing why do they keep bothering those of us that are sick over and over. God Bless and i hope your dr will write you a descent excuse thats the least he/she could do for you and by the way they are wrong about it having to be a life threatening illness(having my son was excused for having irritable bowel syndrome)
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    No, your illness doesn't have to be life-threatening to get excused from jury duty. Your doctor is wrong.

    My doctor has been signing the form for me for several years whenever I get a notice to appear, and I get excused. CFS is not life-threatening (although it can be life-destroying).

    Hopefully your doctor's ignorance will shine through bright and clear and the court administrator will excuse you!

    Take care-

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    Your doctor is wrong. You can be excused from jury duty if you have CFS. Your doctor just needs to write a note.
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    He originally was my husband's friend and roomed with him years ago....even lived with us when we were married when he had breaks from college and his family had moved out of he is a doc ...he has always been nothing but kind to me...THEN, my husband left me and the time I requested i drug he had prescribed for 2 years, he said that he didn't feel comfortable prescribing it for off label is the only thing i have found that made any difference for me...and then he wanted me to do a sleep study

    he said the sleep study is so he will have eveidence that i don't sleep so that he needs to prescribe this med to help me stay awake....well, i do't even take it to stay kills the pain down and i am able toget out of least for a few hours...

    i said no sleep study...i am alone with 4 kids....well, one is 21 and one is 24 and severely disabled....needs total care...then there are the crazy, hyper boys ages 11 and 14....they are into burning things right , no, i am not leaving them overnight....for a sleep study to show i don't sleep....i have FIBRO, what do you expect???

    he yelled at me and said i was a difficult patient!!! i always thought i was pretty consciencious. it went on and on .....he said i didn't come in for office visits when i was supposed to....this time i was there one entire month early.....jerk...he said that i had given up and that i just don't want to get better....RIGHT. i want to suffer like this. it is lots of cost me my 24 yr marriage....i am into it....

    then, i didn't get to ask any of my questions and i was supposed to ask him for a note saying that i could not work or if he remembered telling me that....for my attorney.....for the divorce...and he sent some gibberish about be never asking for a letter of support for disability and that to his knowledge i have never started the process to apply....sounded hostile....had nothing to do with what i had asked him....

    he sent the letter to the attorney....and it was worthless to her....then, she got a bill for the letter and she had to write me a letter explaining the bill from the clinic and that i better call and get them to stop billing me since he didn't do what i asked him to do....her letter and time involved probably cost me another $100....

    then, shortly after the office visit where he yelled at me, i had to call for the doc note for jury duty and he would not write it....he said i had to have a life threatening illness....

    so, tomorrow, i am going to see a different doc and see what he does with his fibro patients and if i dont' like what he says, i will move on to the next doc and the next and the next.....

    i am convinced that my doc turned on me since he is good buddies with my husband....what an unprofessional jerk.....i can't believe the way my life problem after stove just fridge needs to be replaced and is giving out now....jury duty, divorce negotiations coming up because hubby wants shared custody so he can pay me peanuts for child support....and i will end up losing the house.....the wheelchair accessible one for my daughter....i am interviewing personal care attendents for my daughter cuz we are really short on help.....i am doing paperwork to change home health agencies....i am trying to coordinate bids, the case manager to get some funding to repair or replace the main ramp to get in the house before my daughter falls through the rotting wood or crashes through where the spindles are sons need to see a therapist.....and on and on....the stress is through the roof....i could not believe it when i got a letter ordering me to jury duty....i am 44 and have never been called for it......and of course they do it NOW!!! i really hate my life.
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    As you mentioned, you need to call them to follow up on your letter. Tell them you cannot sit in one spot and if you have cognitive issues, be sure to mention that too. If you are in constant pain, tell them. I did this and they called me. I ensured them that it was physically impossible for me to be fair on any jury as my own pain and discomfort would be foremost in my mind. If you cannot physically get to the court, be sure to tell them that you cannot possibly afford to take taxis.

    They may want some evidence to back up what you tell them. Your doc cannot withhold your medical records. Copy them and give them to the court if they want them. If your doc has named you an uncooperative patient, it will work in your favor in getting out of jury duty.

    Good luck.

    Love, Mikie