Any homeschoolers?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by greenthumb, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. greenthumb

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    Wow, tough day! I need to vent! We have a huge homeschool group in our area and try to stay plugged in. None of them have fibro. 99.9% of the time my highschooler is great; self-starter, "A-B" student, friendly. He asked to be homeschooled starting 7th grade, so we've had some great times bringing out his natural talents & developing some not-so-natural ones. We usually get along great.
    But TODAY!!! AARRRRRGGGGGGG. Attitude, attitude, attitude. Chemistry and Algebra II can bring that out in a teenager, I guess.
    I'm trying not to stress out to his stressing out! My husband's company is on strike, our health insurance runs out the end of the month if they don't settle this massive dispute (it's nation-wide) and the holidays are coming up. Plus the neuro thinks I also have MS after 5 years of saying I didn't. More testing.
    I need a good cry. :)
  2. lbok

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    I homeschool my two kids - my son has autism and my daughter has a severe LD. There are a few of us who have children with HFA who homeschool so there is some more support on our local autism group than on the homeschool board. I go to our hs group message board, but it is hard to participate because I need to have the freedom to cancel or back out of an event. So, I have similar things with other homeschoolers not quite getting that things are different for us.

    I haven't tackled algebra and chemistry yet - although my son appears to be quite mathmatically inclined, my daughter has a severe LD in math so might not progress to that level. When I pulled her out of school at the end of 4th grade she still only had a beginning first grade math level. She is definetely making progress, but it is slow.

    I am very relaxed and flexible in my teaching style, which is kind of necessary - always trying to think out of the box. If you and your son continue to stress about the subjects, maybe take a short break or shift gears a little. It sounds like there is alot going on at your house right and that may be affecting your son too.
  3. greenthumb

    greenthumb New Member

    Yes, the stresses of daily life are taking a toll! This is a bit of an academic stretch this year, but overall he is coming away with A's and B's. I believe he will dual enroll in college next year because he only has a couple of requirements left...the rest are all electives. Whew! I must be getting bone weary because I can't wait until he graduates. I'm in a relapse--enough said!
    When Andrew was in 7th grade, I decided to create a loosely structured curriculum just to see what he could do. He had taken an emotional beating in 6th grade and was tested for LDs; it was so sad to see my bright, charming guy have such a low opinion of himself. So about mid-way through the year he said in this pitiful voice, "Mom, I must be as dumb as a post! This English class is a killer!" I laughed and said, "Oh, no, honey. You're very intelligent. You know how I know this?" He looked up hopefully and said, "How?" I replied, "This is a college level curriculum!" Wow, did that ever boost his esteem and I've never heard him say negative things about himself to this day.
    That is what I love about homeschooling. Just to see them blossom under our care & tutoring is a blessing.
  4. dononagin

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    just started a charter independent studies school.. basically home-schooling. They do almost everything on line.. I was worried it wouldn't be enough of a challenge for her but boy was I wrong! She got stuck on an English assignment... metaphors.. I went over the questions that she was having trouble with and out of my entire office staff.. (2 with bachelors degrees) we could only get 1 of the 4 questions she was having trouble with! It was enough to get her on to the next assignment though.. They have to finish each assignment with a passing score before the computer will let them get on to the next one.
    Algebra brings out the AARGGGGGG in me!!!
    Hope your day gets better..
  5. alaska3355

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    all 5 of my kids, at one time or another. Right now, I'm only working with my ten year old twins, doing 5th grade. They do keep me busy...lots of good questions.
  6. greenthumb

    greenthumb New Member

    Yesterday my ornery teenager stewed in his room after his dad had a nice talk with him, and then at dinnertime came out and apologized. He admitted he was being a jerk and that I didn't deserve that (how sweet is that) and insisted he was sincere and not just starving to death! :)

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