Any idea-dizziness, HELP!

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  1. fibrorebel

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    Lately I have had alot of dizziness,not just from sudden moves either. The best way to describe it is like things moving that aren't. I can't blame it on meds because I am not taking any. Am wondering if this is connected to Adrenal or Thyroid problems? Will be seeing a new Endocrinologist in a couple weeks, so would like any and all input I can get on this. Anyone have thoughts on this?
    Thanks!! love, Rebel
  2. smilemona

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    .........was Cranio Sacral Therapy (CST). My vertigo was incredibly scary and debilitating.

    CST was the only thing that made any difference for me..and it cured it in a few sessions! I was experiencing the sensation primarily on the right sight of my head (if that makes sense to those of you who have experienced vertigo). While I was laying on the table, she could turn the vertigo on and off by the way she was holding my head. I was amazed..and grateful!

    I went to The Upledger Institute in FL for the treatments. I was living there at the time. There are people all over the country trained by The Upledger Institute, though. So perhaps you can try it out closer to home! I'm not sure that they are all as talented as the one that I worked with in FL, but it might be worth it to try it out. It's a pain free, hands on treatment and if you want more information you can write me or look at Upledger's site online. My address is in my profile.

    P.S. Dr. Upledger wrote a book called: Your Inner Physician and You. It's fascinating and explains CST and other approaches used by many of the practioners trained at his insitute.

    I haven't had CST in a long time, and sometimes I get a bit dizzy here and there...but fortunately it's not as severe as it used to be.
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  3. fibrorebel

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    Not sure if it is Vertigo or not, will have to research that, a few yrs ago I couldn't stand to ride rides at an amusement park due to it, but then I didn't have anymore trouble with it until lately and it is fairly driving me crazy! I decided to post about it due to not knowing whether it is from FM, adrenal failings, or if my scoliosis is getting very frustrating when these new things just crop up! Thanks for your thoughts and yes, I will most definitely post after my appt., better or worse.
    love, Rebel
  4. elaine_p

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    Drinking more water helped me, though I'm not sure it was the same symptom--just felt light-headed, even when sitting down.

    But water doesn't work for everyone. Maybe you could search the previous messages for dizziness. Or for orthostatic hypotention or postural tachycardia (it's called a couple other things, too).
  5. fibrorebel

    fibrorebel New Member

    I always usually do a search first before posting but just don't feel able to read through all the various info right now. My dizziness isn't a light-headed feeling, or even the
    kind you get with Hypoglycemic attacks; it is more inability to focus on something and things like asphalt moving under your feet or wallpaper that's print is moving.
    Leaves me unable to look at something that is truly moving as I am not able to focus on it. Thanks again for responding, I do appreciate all input. love, Rebel
  6. AmyKaiser

    AmyKaiser New Member

    try having some pedialite or some salt water and see what happens...
    my assumption is your blood pressure drops when this happens...
  7. Jasmine

    Jasmine New Member

    I always have vertigo every July and I've figured out that it's a viral thing triggered by allergies. I'm allergic to something blooming in July.

    I've also had vertigo earlier due to inner ear infection and an allergy to my Solgar B-complex vitamin. Also had severe dizziness from adrenal problems but that improved with watercure...sea salt and half my body weight in water every day.

    Hope we both lose our vertigo soon. I hate that nauseous feeling!

    Love, Jasmine
  8. fibrorebel

    fibrorebel New Member

    Hypotension I mean, I have always had pretty low blood pressure. My anxiety is so high right now, constantly which I believe is my adrenals out of whack; I wonder if one can be so anxious and yet have their BP drop? Maybe that is what is happening that my body is just dumping adrenaline like crazy and then the BP drops like a rock...
    Hmmmm, makes sense, wonder if it is medically feasible.
    Have been drinking water for awhile now, but not salt water.
    So much to research;wish I felt better to do it :)
    Thanks everyone! love, Rebel
  9. AmyKaiser

    AmyKaiser New Member

    jasmine made a great point too...undetected allergies can do that..
    but again its all back to the adrenals as is hypotension..
    have u had your blood pressure tested while seated and then standing up?
    mine often goes down upon standing, this is adrenal related..

    i do know the difference u mean between low blood sugar and the hypotension issue...

    having had a tilt table test done and that ruling out the syncopy, it became evident to the nurse it was an inner ear problem as i suspected with the likes of allergies...

    i became less dizzy when i put my head down...

    more specialists to see....yikes

  10. Kim

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    Since last October I've experienced a dizziness that I can only describe as off balance, not spinning, but objects looking like they're moving faster than they are and the inability to look at patterns without losing focus. The ground seems to be coming up, sometimes walls move slowly from left to right. I had EXTENSIVE testing at a major medical facility and even an operation to explore my inner ear in case there was a leak going into the middle ear. My doctors now believe the dizziness is being caused my muscle tension, knots pinching nerves and causing a band-like pressure around my head, which causes stress and the cycle repeats.

    My suggestion would be to rule out inner ear problems first. Here are some things that can help if it is muscular:

    Cranio sacral therapy
    neuromuscular massage
    trigger point therapy
    meditation & easy stretching
    soaking in a hot tub or SPA

    There are so many causes of dizziness but the type of dizziness I was having gave my neurologist important clues. I was in a bad auto accident in 2000 and my neck has been bothersome ever since.

    Best wishes & prayers,
  11. stillafreemind

    stillafreemind New Member

    Dizziness is one of those things that come and go with me quite a bit. I have had low bp most of my period also affects it. And I am prone to get some fluid in there also.

    I was fighting with this this morning. I up my water and garlic when this happens. is simply my neck being out and causing it.

    Hope you find relief soon..I know how uncomfortable this is. Wishing you well. ...Sherry
  12. underwhelmed

    underwhelmed New Member

    Have suffered appalling dizziness on and off over the last few months - nausea too. It's so debilitating - I have to stand still and focus on something for fear of fainting or being sick or falling over.

    It's much worse if I'm around people that are moving or objects that are moving such as cars (and I do feel travel sick too, although I've never had that in my life before). Sometimes it seems as though stationary objects are moving too.

    I tried taking potassium, as I had very low levels of that and also low blood pressure - it helped for a while and I stopped taking it when my levels returned to normal, but I'm going to give it a go again cause the last few days have been bad again. Also drinking plenty of water.

    Wish you all the luck in the world for getting rid of it. If you find anything that works please post about it!

    Take care,
    Bud :)
  13. atrinigyal29

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    One of the symptoms of fibromyalgia that is rare is dizziness. I have done much research on the web because of my dizziness, which is very similar to what you are experiencing. Since it is rare, my primary doctor thought that it wasn't linked to the fibro, so I have been to see numerous neurologists, and even an ear-nose-and-throat specialist to see if there was anything wrong with my equilibrium. Well, the doctors couldn't link the dizziness to anything, so I decided to do some research myself and found out that dizziness is one of the symptoms of fibromyalgia. I have tried the medication anti-vert, but unfortunately, it did not help.
  14. omm

    omm New Member

    A while back I posted a list of the things which help with the aftermath (nausea) of my dizziness. Just in case you may need it, here it is:
    1. sucking on lemon
    2. peppermint tea with lemon and honey
    3. chamomile tea with lemon and honey
    4. ginger ale with ice
    5. sucking on ice
    6. sucking on strong peppermint candies
    7. taking a ginger capsule (the type you get from a health food store)
    8. eating candied ginger
    9. various homeopathics like nux vomica
    10. toast with jam
    11. accupressure points, such as pressing the hollow of both elbows

    Wishing you the best!

  15. stillfighting

    stillfighting New Member

    I can relate to what you are going through. My doc was getting ready to prescribe atavert (sp?), and started explaining that it was like dramamine only stronger. So I asked, why not try the dramamine. It worked for me. The only side effect was a little drowsiness, but hey, I'm used to that :).
  16. fibrorebel

    fibrorebel New Member

    Thanks everyone for sharing your own experiences and suggestions. This DD never fails to find a new way to irritate me beyond belief! I most certainly will share whatever I find out with you all. I have too many things going on to really have a clue which one is causing this most unbearable new symptom...hope the new doc is a good one. I am really nervous about the appt. as I don't have any insurance and if he doesn't come up with anything I am afraid I will feel guilty about all that $ for no answers.
    Thanks again for everyone's help! love Rebel
  17. sickdave

    sickdave New Member


    Great name! You are going to kick this thing!!

    I have had this..I still do once in awhile I have had cfids for About ten years and I have learned a lot.

    I still go dizzy if I overtax myself physically ( like run up one flight of stairs too fast or walk too fast) Like others I have read I do think it is Adrenal related. I have been tested by a kinesiologist/chiropractor and his testing showed I needed a whole adrenal supplement ( be careful with this I found it a first to be very potent so I took only a little at a time) and also a highly potent B complex ( like B-100)
    On my own and with others helping I no longer take any extra salt or sugar. (This helped tremendously!!!!!)
    Discipline and faith is the key.

    Here's to good health and a return to nomalcy!!

  18. klutzo

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    A study done by Xavier Caro, M. D. showed 70% of us have Nystagmus, which is a balance disorder.
    The test to confirm it is called an Electro Nasography, or ENG for short. However, it is a very unpleasant test, and if you can just be at a doctor's office when it is happening, they can easily see the Nystagmus by having you shake your head vigorously and then having you track their finger as it moves back and forth in front of your eyes.
    I agree that Cranio-sacral therapy can be a big help if you can afford it.
    Aerobic conditioning also improves this. The worse physical shape you are in, the worse this gets, esp. when you over exert yourself. If you do physical activity that you are not used to, you may notice that when you finally sit or lie down, the walls seem to be pulsing, or the ceiling seems to be swirling and almost breathing. Very strange....but just another gift from this illness!
  19. GooGooGirl

    GooGooGirl New Member

    I get dizzy and lightheaded all the time too. When it gets really bad I take a Dramamine or Bonine. It seems to work pretty good. I have some prescription stuff that I take for the nausea.
  20. twerp

    twerp New Member

    Hi fibrorebel, The first symptom I experienced when I began to get sick with CFIDS was extreme lightheadedness, as if I were going to faint at any moment. The first Dr. I saw gave me Valium, which worked, but made me quite drowsy. Later, a naturopath switched me from Valium to Klonopin and I've been on that for about 2 years now. I take .5 MG 3X/day (every 6 hours). If I do happen to forget a dose, my body is quick to remind me. I also find that my lightheadedness increases if I am in a busy place (mall, noisy restaurant) or if I am travelling in a car. In that case, my Dr. says it's OK to take an extra K. since I'm on a relatively low dose to begin with. Anyway, hope this helps - it's a lifesaver for me.