Any Ideas for Dry Mouth?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by groundhogson, Jan 30, 2003.

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    Just wondered if anyone knows some tried and true solutions for dry mouth. I am on about 12 meds and my mouth is constantly dry and sometimes even my throat seem like it's going to close up. It is causing problems with my gums now. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Are you sure the meds are causing the dry mouth? Back in 1985 when I was going to doctors to find out what was wrong with me, I was sent to a shrink because they couldn't find anything wrong. They started me on antidepressants and that's when I started having dry mouth/throat. I had to constantly sip on something to keep my throat wet or it would get so bad I couldn't talk. After 18 years I discovered that I was diabetic. As soon as I started taking the diabetic pills and the diet, my dry mouth/throat went away along with several other bad symptoms. Now I feel so much better and for the first time in 18 years want to live. What other bad symptoms are you having?
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    I would definitely ask them to test for diabetes. There are products in the store that help dry mouth but do not eliminate them. Of course, my memory isn't letting me recall the brand names but there is toothpaste for dry mouth and also chewing gum by the same company. Ask your dentist, he will know how to help the dry mouth. However, I would suggest getting tested for diabetes because you don't need to anything else to exacerbate your condition.

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    I'm not on any meds yet, but I always have to have a drink by me all day and night. I never go anywhere without something to drink! For night time, I have a sports/water bottle that I fill 3/4 full and freeze. Then at bedtime, I fill it the rest of the way up and put it in a beer coolie. It sits at my bedside for whenever I wake up dry, which is about 20 times a night!
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    I feel for you, I'm in the same boat. I take NO meds, only supplements, I actually stopped taking the one med I did use for sleep (benedryl) because I was trying to eliminate anything that was drying me out. Have you been checked for sjogren's syndrome? My tests did not definitively show sjogren's, but my rheumy says he suspects it anyway because my mouth, eyes are bone dry. There are several toothpastes, tablets, gums, etc. you can use to promote more saliva----my dentist is always promoting these, do a web search for them. I think one is called Biotene.

    Good luck, I know this is not an easy problem from my own experience.

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