any ideas for fixing finances- living on my own?????

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    I've been married to an abuser, (emotionally which is just as bad!) Because I could only work 20 hrs per week before the car accident(medicare) I only get about 200.00 a month. I think it would be 700.00 if I was on my own. Two adult children and one at home who is almost out of highschool. Just don't know how I could make it on my own. I owe hundreds of dollars to Dr.s that's stressing me out of my mind!!

    If you have any ideas please pass them on, or I would appreciate prayer for my sistuation!!

    Thanks so Much!!

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    My heart goes out to you Debbie. Can your child find work? Can he or she babysit or find a part-time job to help out. My son is 11 and Im trying to find him a babysitting job. Im not working right now. Do you have a Salvation Army store in your area? They can arrange for a food hamper once in awhile for you. I know they do it where I live in Alberta, Canada. What about your local church? Sometimes the local priest has suggestions. Sometimes credit card companies pardon debt. A friend of mine who owed money to mastercard said she didnt have to pay part of the debt. It helped her out alot. Or even to call the bank and have them waive the interest. Ive done that with the Bank of Montreal. Can you get a roommate? Do you have a house or do you rent? A friend of mine rents out her garage to make extra money. I'll say a prayer for you.
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    A couple of friends of mine have managed to get live in jobs where they had an apartment plus a small wage for, well, one was managing a small motel, the other was taking care of dogs and home when people were away. People have corrected me on this, but it was always my understanding that credit card cos cannot get after you for medical bill debt-that docs are not supposed to sell it to a collection agency, but that seems to have changed. However, I had a debt forgived years ago by the doctor himself as I was fired for taking more than three days off work when a surgery went a bit wrong-got get well card from company the same day as the supervisor who failed to tell me I was meant to have special permission if I needed extra days, called to say "How are you doing? Guess what you're fired" she hated me and could not wait to get that news across!
    Anyway, the only snag with live in is that if they fire you, there goes your home! In our City there is a womens community center that provides temporary housing while you leave an abuser and helps with getting work and cash. Check out Victim Abuse Centers, as there may be one near you. I emphasise this is not a shelter but apartments they have so you can get on your feet. Good luck, emotional abuse can leave you a wreck, but have faith that you can get out of this, you need to make the right contacts to help you.
    Love Anne
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    From my understanding.....Medical bills can no longer be dismissed in bankruptcy! Yet that is the number one reason many folks are forced to file.

    Could you get any alimony because of your medical problems?
    If you divorce make sure it is in the paperwork that you get part of his retirement. Even if he has not one built up yet, things can change for him. Also S.S. retirement.

    Counseling for both of you? Bad things can be fixed.

    Only thing I can think of not already mentioned is welfare.
    Sweetie, that is why it is there, for ones that are flat on their faces.You have to survive and you have to do whatever it takes. Even if you do not want to do it, it might be your only recourse. Maybe you can get an apt. that is rated on what you have coming in, and gas and electricity reduction, food stamps, etc.

    Remember your life can get better, but you need relief right now, to gather your strength. Also keep reading this board for new updates, help might be right around the corner for us folks!

    Last, but not least, as this is VERY important.....give Thanks for what you do have, what you are able to pull together and accomplish for the time being. Smile a lot. Count all Blessings and give Thanks....helps the immune system and sure make you feel better.......

    Keep us in touch with how things go for you......we want to know. Blessings
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    Debbie, praying for you everyday! And throughout the day.

    Remember our deal. :) Will write you later on improvements in my life - small but good!