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  1. iggie

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    Insurance company has denied coverage for chiroprace care they say because I have been covered once it is now maintance and that I have reach my maximum medical recovery and they do not anticipate any further improvement
    Yet I have pain relief with chiro care an i take very few meds because pain killers do not work. i take meds for depression and hight blood pressure and have tylanol 600mg when I can't take the pain anymore Anyone been throu this with any sucess.
    Hope someone can help
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    Years ago my ins. co tried to deny my coverage, I simply wrote them a letter stating that I had gotten better without medication and the chiro and I were working on moving the appts further and further apart. They let me continue. Hope you can continue, if not, you might consider massage.
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    This is almost identical to your last post on this issue. I am bumping that post back up for you as I assume it rolled over and you couldn't find it.

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