Any info about GABA/5-htp/Melatonin and amino's?

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  1. kat-E

    kat-E New Member

    I am looking for some information on any of the ingredients of this supplement.

    vit. c--------------------50mg
    Magnesium citrate---------50mg
    zinc chelate--------------10mg
    L- tyrosine---------------50mg

    I have heard good things about it, but am concerned due to the fact that it stimulates seratonin and I have had horrible experiences with anti-depressants in the past.
    Can anyone help me out on this? I would appreciate any info.

    Thanks and Blessings


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  2. elsa

    elsa New Member

    Magnesium and zinc are in the ZMA products that were originally marketed for muscle repair, but found it also promotes sleep, so that's good. Vitamin b-6 is often found in multi-ingredient products as it helps with absorption.

    L-glutamine is great for immune system and athletic
    performance, but I'm not sure why it is in a sleep aid. The recommended dose is for 3-5grams daily (1000mg.per tab),so look and see the dose ...often these products will
    list supplements that you like but well below amt. needed.

    Don't know why l-glycine is included. It's an amino acid, but that is as far as my recall can go this early. LOL

    L-theanine is an excellent sleep aid. The dose needs to be 200mgs.

    5-HTP is also an excellent amino acid. I too have had horrible experiences in the past with every SSRI I ever made contact with. No problems what so ever on 5-htp. If you were only taking it for sleep, then dose needs to be
    100mgs. Where ssri's made me ill, stupid an no libido,
    5-htp just helped w/ headaches, sleep and weight. Sorry I had to give it up.

    Gaba is naturally manufactured in the brain for anxiety.
    However it does not cross the blood brain barrier, so the jury is way out on whether in actually gets in and helps us. I took it anyway in my sleep "cocktail". Needs to be 500mg. Since drugs like valium attach to gaba receptor sites, don't take this supplement if you are on any anxiety medication.

    Melatonin is an excellent sleep aid too. Doses vary with your needs ... 1.5 - 3mgs.

    The whopper in this group is l-tyrosine. It's a great amino acid, but why it is included in a sleep med is a mystery to me. It effects dopamine levels which would be reverse of sleep and is being studied by US malitary for it's effects on fatigue related memory impairment. I take it for brain fog ... it's a bit of a stimulant without interferring w/ sleep, but I don't think it helps sleep.

    These are almost all amino acids so you'd have to take it on an empty stomach .... 2hrs after eating a meal.

    I would need to see the doses to know for sure, but I think you would be better off purchasing 5-HTP,melatonin,
    l-theanine and ZMA. Start one at a time and control your
    own dosage, adding as you know you can tolerate each.

    You could add gaba if you'd like ( like I did ) but I truly believe I wasted my money for psycological effect. LOL

    If for no other reason, I wouldn't take this due to the l-tyrosine. It doesn't always like to compete with other amino acids... I think 5-htp is one of them.

    Good luck with this .... let me know what you think. I'm curious about the dose amt per ingredient.

    Take care,


    L-Glutamine is necessary for Gaba production in the brain.
    This is all I could come up with for it's inclusion in a sleep aid. E.

  3. elsa

    elsa New Member

    Hi kat,
    Sorry about the delay. I looked over the mgs of ingredients
    and I took more then what's listed on several of them. I had higher magnesium, gaba (500mgs), theanine (100-200mgs),
    5-htp (for me 100mgs), and melatonin can increase to 3mgs.

    The culprit is tyrosine. It's going to engage your brain. Not necessarily crank you up at that low amt,but if your having trouble sleeping, it's not great to have in a sleep med.

    I started educating myself on as much as possible on anything I could get my hands on when CFS/FM came barreling into my life. LOL One of the first things I purchased ( this was a good year before I was diagnosed ...
    actually found the description of CFS and took it to my doc and pointed to it ..) is a book titled The Pill Book Guide to Natural Medicines by Michael Murray, ND.

    It has been a wealth of imformation for me as has this board. In fact, Tansy gave me this natural sleep cocktail over two years ago. It worked some for me, but as my sleep disorder got worse I switched to lunesta.

    There are many natural pill guides out there. Try Amazon and go from there.

    I'm sorry that this supplement didn't work for you. Try buying individually ... maybe starting with just melotonin and going up. I know I'm suggesting a hugh $$ cost, but it might be worth it to get some sleep.

    We are all so different in what works and what doesn't that I always buy individual products. I have found 1 product in all this time that had multi-ingreds. and actually had the correct amount needed to produce the results it was bought for. Now that's costly .. LOL!

    Take care,

  4. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    Elsa gave you very good information. I too had very bad experiences with SSRI's, and will not touch them.

    I also take 5-htp, melatonin, and l-theanine, and magnesium and zinc.

    But I found that when I took the 5-htp at night, it kept me awake -- that may be your problem. I switched and now take 50 mg. when I first get up, and 50 mg. late morning before lunch. It doesn't affect me during the day, but it definitely helps with sleep at night. I think it has helped my mood, and it has none of the nasty side effects of the SSRI's.

    re GABA - l-theanine is an amino acid that helps your brain produce GABA, so I don't think you need a separate GABA supplement.

    So, if I were you, I would do as Elsa suggested, and buy some of the ingredients separately and see how you do on each. I wouldn't buy all of them. I think you could get by with trying ZMA from this website which will cover the magnesium and zinc, l-theanine (I take 200 mg. before bed), melatonin (I take 3 mg. a night), and then 5-htp, but take it in the morning as I suggested above. It made a big difference for me.

    Good luck --


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