any info on being followed by insurance companies?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by terra329, Nov 10, 2005.

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    Hi Guys,

    I am in this Long Term disability fight and for the first time in almost 10 years they are fist sending me to a IME
    that is an occupational medicine doctor??? Today I someone buzzed my apartment and said I had a package. I went down there he had no package - not with any major mail service. He looked me all over and said his drivers have tried to deliver a package three times so he as a supervisor has been sent out to see if I was home. He had no idea what the package was and said it was cert from Maryland? I got so flustered and started to think a private eye is looking me over so now he can follow me. If anyone has info on what they do and how long they do it for I would appreciate it. I did not look at his name he was wearing some sort of ID tag but my name on the paper was with my married name which I never use except for that insurance
    I am so upset I am fearfull to go outside!

    Please let me hear your experiences.

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    Crazy...but then again I've known people all my life who collect ssd but teach karate at black belt level....

    Get food stamps and wellfare and put their kids through private hebrew school on scholarships that are need based, yet wear 3 carat diamonds and put $200k additions onto their homes (in the ghetto...weird, right? lol)

    Manipulate, lie, cheat any system they can get away with...

    I try to remind myself of this every time I have to be treated like a crack w**re just to deal with living with this DD...

    But then you have ins companies like UNUM, who I have to deal with...who've been under investigation in 48 states for turning down valid claims....

    Its such a double edged sword. I know there's lots of people out there who screw the system, and therefore they must be vigilant. I just wish they came out with it and just gave us all polygraphs or something in the beginning, then when we passed started treating us like human beings. You know?

    Hang in there...I know if you didn't need the assistance you wouldn't have filed for it. BUT do keep in mind they do have the ability to edit tapes and such to make it look like you're doing much more than you are.

    If I were you, I'd start keeping a brief journal...

    Nov 10th....woke at 9:30, took meds, laid down till 12:00, unloaded dishwasher, ran to pick up scrips at pharmacy 2 miles away, laid down till 3, took hot bath....

    Etc etc...this is a great way of "counteracting" any nonsense they try to fabricate about the ONE day you weren't limping to the mailbox, or whatever.

    Hang in there!!
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    I have/had a private Un-um Provident disability insurance policy that I made a claim on for a back injury about four years ago.

    I had a terrific relationship with my adjuster and told her absolutely everything that was going on in my life. She even told me when they were going to be sending out someone to videotape me for three or four days. This was after I had been on disability for around nine months, and my back pain had morphed into some other kind of bizarre, all-encompassing pain that was unexplainable which, as it turned out, was due to my taking EffexorXR.

    As it happened, I was too sick and tired to go out, and they barely had any tape of me at all except going to the grocery store and the hair stylist. But in the report they described my tiny packages at the grocery store as lifting three grocery bags without difficulty and the hair stylist as going to a bar...because there was a restaurant/bar that used the same parking lot. I don't even drink alcohol!

    Truly, they saw me go out three times in four days!! Still, after I went to the IME and mentioned the word "fibromyalgia," the cut me off cold, and because they scared the horrid man that was my family practice doctor at the time who I only went to cause he was my friend's brother, and I'd known him all my life -- by showing up at his office, he got scared for some reason, and he made me look really bad. He has since had his medical license revoked, and I so want to post his name, but I am not sure that it is okay to do that.

    Then I couldn't even get a lawyer to represent me. No one would take my case. They thought my back injury wasn't bad enough to disable me cause I look too good though I haven't worked for over four years. Well, I only went out when I felt well enough to go out; so it's no wonder I look okay. Besides, I taught all those stupid classes at the gym for years. If they kept up with my medical records, they would know that I was still treating all the way through to today...but no one bothered to look.

    Thank God I have my own business, or I would not be able to survive. Be careful. Be careful. Everything gets twisted no matter how honest you are. They are horrible, horrible people!

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    Several years ago someone came to my door to ask me questions about a neighbor who was on disablility. They wanted me to tell them the things I saw that person doing. Even things like how well he could get up and down his steps. All I told the insurance guy was I never see this guy so I don't know anything. And that was true. They certainly do try hard to find out about some people. I hope your visitor was who he said he was. Take care. It seems we have to be careful of strangers for all kinds of reasons anymore. E.
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    I had no idea that they send people to video tape you. Thats weird to think that someone is out there video taping me. Does any one no when they do it, like at a year or every six months or whatever. Joy