any info on Dr. Charles Kahn in Hollywood, Florida

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  1. OWWEE

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    Does anyyone have any ifnormation on Dr. Charles Kahn in Hollywood, Florida, on Sheridan. He is a rheumatologist.
  2. 21Again

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    This is only my 3rd time at that office..I started going in Oct of 2005..I usually see Elaine,the PA, I have found her to be very knowlegable,helpful,any very kind. She is also Dr. Kahn's wife..That's about all I can tell you..I do know that group does have a good name among other physicians in the area..Hope that helps..
  3. OWWEE

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    Thank you. I am down in the Keys and there is no rheumatologist down here. I've called around to some doctor's offices and it sounds like his office does not push supplements, nutriceuticals, etc on you (been there done that and if it worked I wouldn't be here). It's a long haul but close to my bro-in-law's house and the shooting range my husband goes to, so he gets to shoot as his reward for hauling me up there. Thanks again.
  4. mdjaj2231

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    Hi. I'm sorry to say I had a very bad experience with Dr. Kahn. He put me on plaquenil for a lupus-like disease (don't remember the name of the illness). This made me so sick I stayed out of work for 2 months. I did not feel that he was willing to communicate with me and my husband felt the same.

    I had great luck with Dr. Barry Waters in Coral Springs and a doctor of accupuncture in Hollywood.

    Everyone is different, but wanted to let you know.

    Good luck!
  5. OWWEE

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    I thought I had been scheduled with Dr. Kahn but instead of seeing him I saw his partner, Dr. Riskin (I think that's it) what a jerk, and his smug little PA. She came in first and asked what my problem was. I told her. I told her my diagnosis, tests, etc. It was like she did not want to hear any of it. I don't know. Maybe they thought I was crazy. I tried to be honest with them. I told her I had quit working and applied for SSDI since I'm just not functional anymore. I also told her nothing seems to help with the pain, that I had recently had a bad migraine and a local doctor had given me hydrocodone (didn't want to give me any migraine-specific drugs because blood pressure was up), and that the hydrocodone did not help pain. I am uninsured but I do have some money in the bank. They questioned why I had come all the way up there from the Keys (over 150 miles) and I told them there are no rheumies in the Keys, their office is about 4 blocks from BIL's house, we are planning on relocating out of the keys, and they are on the co-cure list. Apparently they doubted my diagnosis (done by another rheumatologist), thought I wanted narcotics, thought I wanted a rubberstamp on my disability, thought I was just nuts. I don't know. My husband went in with me and he said it was like the PA didn't want to hear any of it. I guess she wanted me to say well my back hurts, and my head hurts, and sometimes I can't remember things, and I can't sleep good, etc, etc, geez what do you think is wrong with me. Oh well, eff em. I am going to contact co-cure and suggest they take this office off the list. I know FM patients are a pain in the behind to deal with because it is just everything. At least now my husband knows. He has always been resistant to helping me with medical issues or intervening for me with medical care or attending visits with me. Now he knows and escorts me. I hate PAs anyway (from my years as a med transcriptionist, they can be the worse). I guess she didn't like me or what I told her and so when the doctor came in he was hi, how are ya, we can't help, get lost.

    Thanks mdjaj2231, I did not see your post before I went for the appt. Oh well, I still would have gone hoping for some help.
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