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    can anyone on here tell me if cfs is infectous ie i have it so can i pass it on.
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    my doctor told me it isnt infectious. almost everybody bears epstein barr and hhv6 , but it only breaks out if your immune system is extremely weakened.

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    Many people beleive their is an infectous component to this disease. If you want to learn more about it you can google Gulf War Illness and Mycoplasmal Infections. There is a strong connection between CFS and GWI and many vetrans beleive and it has been proven that they passed on their illness to family members and friends. They beleive that this is due to a bacteria that is common in many people with GWI, CFS, Fibro and Aids.

    It is a fact that mycoplasma bacteria can be passed from person to person and even from mother to child in the womb. The question then would be, do mycoplasmal infections cause CFS?

    Could CFS be caused by a virus? I think this is the question that many want answered.

    Hopefully, we will have that answer one day.
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