Any Known Cause Of Twitches?

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    I have had some small twitches for about 5 or more years now. Most of the time they would be in the side of my foot' or 1 or more of my toes would try to draw a little also. Back about 10 years ago when i went through a divorce, i had them bad' and when i would strain any to ammount to anything, my muscles in my arms would tighten up. Im not for sure, but the doctor said it was nerves! I would have them in my legs/arms/eyelids/neck/stomach/ just about everywhere. And when they put me on Xanax to help with the stress' they did get alot better' and for awhile , even months! not any at all. I still would have the ones in my feet every so often but just went on' even though they really got on my nerves. About 2 weeks ago started haveing them all over again. Have been stressed out alot during this time with Family problems. Woke up last week with a muscle jirking somewhat hard but no pain in on my right leg from my kneecap up about 5 inches. It would make a vibrating noise under my kneecap every time the muscle would jump. after about 2 hours it went away and returned later but not as bad. The next day it went away but had another 1 on the other side of my leg in almost the same place. It went on for so long' when it stopped about 2 days later my skin where the muscle was jerking' was tender and sore where you just rubbed your fingers across it. At the same time the twitching was going on i also felt smaller twitches running down that same leg in different places into my feet. Over the last week they have been in different places all over my body. Just a little burning pain when some of the twitches happen. Some times you can go for about 6 hours or more with NO twitches. My right eyeled has been doing it alot this past week. I went to 1 regular Doctor and he done bloodwork to see if any thing was low. All my blood work came back fine. He said it was most lilely nerves doing it again. Said i may have to up my med dossage. All the worse twitches did start with some bad news about a family member 2 weeks ago. All the other little foot twitches didn't bother me to much' but having them all over your body does get on your nerves. I not sure what to do or try next' so i wondered if any of you guys have had the same problem and if you got any help for it. This Xanax was given for nerves and also helped my stomach problems alot and i also have MVP where my heart skips alot at times but have made it ok till all this twitching started back up. Sometimes my fingers will also try to draw a little or 1 finger will twitch a little at times. Most of it has been going on in my right leg and foot. I have always took the med like they told me to and never abused it. I wonder if i should up the dossage like they said' or just wait and see if it will improve on its own. I have also had this problem for a long time where when i yawn muscles will twitch a little and then stop, Done that for a long time. ANYONE HAD THESE PROBLEMS OR KNOW ANY INFO!!!!!!!
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    He can access your problems and see if any further tests are needed.
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    Do you have any symptoms of FM?
    Not that that matters, but I developed FM about 25 yrs ago, then had my 3rd son. In the second grade He developed eye twitches and blinks, & hand motions,etc, and was diagnosed with Tourrette's Syndrome a few years later. You can have it mildly or bad, and it is related to Restless Leg Syndrome(-which a lot of FM'ers have).It can also be related to Parkinson's. There is an Org. on the web called We Move that you may find, and check out for yourself. Perhaps it is just a way FM is acting out in your body, (or something totally different). Good luck to your search!
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    Hi Billy, welcome to the board. I can relate to your twitches, not as bad as you. But did have them in my feet and also my eyes.

    You need to have the doctor check your magnesium levels, and I bet they will come out low.

    After I started taking magnesium a few years ago, and a supplement called; ZMA (zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-6) they are gone. Yes, gone I have not had a twitch in over a year.

    You want to get a book called; 'The Miracle of Magnesium' by Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D.

    I had already taken the magnesium for years, before I read this book (am not quite finished it yet), and realized all the things it has done for me.

    You can read about these two supplements here at the 'Store' link. Both are sold at Pro Health, which I can also highly recommend. I bought supplements from this company before I even had a computer!

    I sure hope you get help soon, that is a miserable thing you are living with.

    Again, welcome to the board, and the best of luck........

    Shalom, Shirl

    PS. I forgot to mention, do you drink water? if not please start drinking half your body weight in OUNCES of water a day. This is also vital. Our bodies need water so very much and most of us in America are dehydrated. Sodas should be avoided completely also too much caffeine.
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