Any ladies try "CURVES?"--i've heard.....

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cshellz, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. cshellz

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    that it is recommended by fibro assn and arthritis assn too. But I have about 25 or so lbs to loose and am sooooo
    not in shape--little stamina. Besides starting a walking program around the neighborhood--weather permitting---any suggestions here? The other local gym is really a "meat market" type--not for me.
    Thanks for input:
  2. jaltair

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    She really appreciated the system. There is personal counseling about what routines you would do and how long, etc. And, you are weighed and measured, I think, every visit. That gives a person motive to lose!

    However, my friend decided to join the larger gym that had a pool. Now she is doing water aerobics and feels that this exercise is helping her much more.

    I've heard that doing water aerobics is good for FMS. My husband and I have thought of rejoining the gym with the pool. If we do, I may start the water aerobics with my friend. Am soooo afraid to get into a suit though!
  3. jvrealty

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    Funny I saw this email....i signed up on Monday and had my first session on is a good workout; made we sweat. It is tough on the muscles but I am determined to loose 20 pounds. Try it and if you can't do it, because of your disability, they will let you out of your their contract very carefully before signing it so that you know what you are getting into.

    Important.....MAKE SURE YOU KNOW YOUR's up to you to tell the NO, I can't do that....For me, I can't do the arm machine, which rest on my forearms, because I have severe pain in both wrist and arms....... Ask them to let you try it for 30 days before you commit and then you COMMIT to going 3 times a week, as suggested....

    Wishing you well,

    hope this helps....
  4. renae1979

    renae1979 New Member

    I have a couple friends who have gone to Curves (and has seen tons of posts about Curves on the Weight Watchers message boards). And pretty much everything I've heard about Curves indicates that it is an excellent workout system for those just starting out or getting back into exercise, but that it becomes very routine and mundane after a while.

    Both of my friends who were members left after their initial contract to join a regular gym where you have much more flexibility and choice in your workouts.

    But if you are just getting started Curves provides a great education base, workout and stepping stone to more self-created and self-regulated workouts that can be done elsewhere.

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