any living donors w/fm?

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    hello everyone!
    i am new here and have a few questions. i am a living donor (liver) 6yrs. ago, 51, with 2older boys and 3 under 10yrs of age. i have just had surg. related to my donation.
    having said all this-i have NEVER felt the same after my donation-SEVERE fatigue, unable to get good sleep, muscle soreness. all this of course, was explained away by having donated, my advanced age w/children so young, my bi-polar and depression history. every time i saw a dr, liver function tests were done/ all within "normal range".
    are there any folks out there who are donors? what needs to be asked (demanded) from the drs. to diag. this?
    i so appreciate any help you can give me. thanks!
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    First off, I want to say how much I admire your selflessness to be a donor. And I am so sorry for your suffering. Did you have your diagnosis before choosing to become a donor? Because most people with Fibro or CFIDS are strongly advised not to donate organs.

    I don't mean to come across as being critical, it's just been my observation. If you were not yet diagnosed and your problems came after the fact, then I am truly sorry that your good heart led to your suffering.

    I have never been a donor as I was diagnosed many years ago (18 years, to be exact) and was strongly advised not to even think about it. But again, my strongest admirations go out to you for giving of yourself in such a manner. What a good soul you are.
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    I was also told three times that I wasn't allowed to donate blood and I tried hard to do so. My doctor at that time told not to donate blood or organs. I had to take my name off my donor card. If I can ever do so, my name is back on for sure.

    Back in the 70's when I had a miscarriage, I recieved an blood transfusion and again after my 1st child's delivery. I often wonder about my donors, wondering if they too had fibro but didn't know. Just a thought and questions...


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    Hi All.
    I received a blood transfusions when I had a tubel pregancy. I have wondered about that one also. I also took
    a drug called Alllopurinol for 13 years. I readed where this drug can cause a nerve pain. I went to a dr trying to find out what was wrong with me ,and he read all my medical records. He told me that Allopurinol had done this to me. Has anyone taken this drug? I would like to know if they did and came down with FM.

    God Bless
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