Any males with fibro here??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pianomoe, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. pianomoe

    pianomoe New Member

    Do any males get fibro???
    I know it's mostly a female thing, but just curious??
  2. GoldensRule

    GoldensRule New Member

    A husband of an aquaintance was diagnosed with fibromyalgia but you rarely hear of men with the disease.
  3. joecool869

    joecool869 New Member

    won disability last june
  4. sammyjj

    sammyjj New Member

    yep have fibro for 15yrs and with diebetes, heart problems ,,,, how can you NOT Hurt?????? Tried everything and still at it....... Just keep on!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. mindbender

    mindbender New Member


    I’m sorry I had to be so quick earlier, I didn’t feel like talking when I first got on.
    Yes I’m 41 now, I believe I’ve had this since I was a child.

    It hit me seriously when I was 39, now I can’t do much of anything, except hurt.

    Welcome to the board.

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  6. Fmandy

    Fmandy New Member

    I was diagnosed by my rheumatologist as having FM. Not fun at all so far...

  7. GRMonLI

    GRMonLI New Member

    with FMS.

    Diagnosed in 1992, pain way before that.

    Stopped working in 1997 and got SSD in 1999.

    I believe many more men have it and they go undiagnosed more than women.
  8. Joshuaalpha

    Joshuaalpha New Member

    I am a 32 yr old male with it. I started having the major pain and dizziness since 23 and it has ruined my life and on long term disability. ......a man who can't work is no man atall I guess:(. I've had the symptoms I think since I was 11 or 12. well I stopped playing sports then and started getting tired and wanting to take naps at school.
  9. jarjar

    jarjar New Member

    Please do your self a big favor and test for Lyme with Igenex before you set back and settle for a FM diagnnosis.
    The western blot which is around 200 bucks could be your key to find out what is really keeping you ill.

    50% of lyme patients don't even remember being bitten by a tick. I was bitten often as a child but did not become ill to my 30's.
  10. cczub

    cczub New Member

    Formally diagnosed a year ago. Been having ths symptoms for several years. It totally stinks. Still working a full time job barely. Working the full time job wipes me out and have a hard time doing stuff at home and spending time with my son.

    Not a fun disease.
  11. grace54

    grace54 New Member

    I have fibro/fatigue for about 7 years now, it started when I was about 45. I am finally getting tested for Lyme so we will see.It is On a good day I can do things but I will pay if I overdo. I still have hope though.
  12. roge

    roge Member

    36 yr old male

    there are loads of us out there and agree, way underdiagnosed.

    pathogens do not discriminate between the sexes

  13. cbs1234

    cbs1234 New Member

    Virtually every symptom known to mankind can be attributed to lyme according to LLMD's, and Igenex is a questionable lab (see previous posts). Lyme is real, but it is not the cause of everyones CFS and FMS symptoms. Lyme is a fad diagnosis and many, many people are being put on dangerous, long term doses of antibiotics. These antibiotics can cause more problems than the problems they are meant to correct. LLMD's may be doing more harm than good by overdiagnosing lyme and antibiotic regimens.
  14. cbs1234

    cbs1234 New Member

    Levaquin triggered my fibro like symptoms--primarily tendon pain in the feet, ankles, knees, elbows, shoulders, and hands plus some joint pain in the knees. Also, had tremendous nerve damage, but most of the nerve damage healed over a two to three year period.
  15. jakeg

    jakeg New Member

    Not the easiest thing to live with, mostly home bound, do to tremendous pain
  16. jarjar

    jarjar New Member

    I couldn't disagree with you more. But you are entitled to your opinion as everyone else is.

    I should add that many lyme patients are finding relief without taking high dose antibiotics.

    Its just important to find out what your body is fighting against then finding a path that your are comfortable with to recovery.

    Thanks god I'm getting better.

  17. brock

    brock New Member

    Male here. Have not been officially diagnosed with fibro but my symptoms are consistent with fibro. In fact, have been in a flare for three days now and am in considerable discomfort.

    This board does seem to be dominated by females, but there are a few of us lurking here.
  18. dano2718

    dano2718 New Member

    Hi - 33 years old here. I don't have FM, but I have some kind of chronic fatiguing illness for about 4 years or more (with low NK cell activity, POTS). My father has it too, but has described it as chronic fatigue or myofascial pain syndrome. I guess the FM symptoms come on later in the course of whatever this is.

    Definitely some unique psychological challenges to having these problems and being a man.
  19. flula

    flula New Member

    I'm fairly new to fibro..8 months. Guys get it too...about 20% of reported cases, I've learned. Most guys however, usually self medicate by other means according to my doctor.
  20. joeb7th

    joeb7th New Member

    1 and 1/2 years ago I was presciribed the "Big Gun" antibiotic called Levaquin. Within 1 to 2 days my body exploded into the exact same nightmarish, never before experienced symptoms he described and more. And I have not impiroved in a year and a half and have a slew of emotional exhuastion issues and depression and anxiety and a problem with benzo withdrawals too now. I am 55. Male. JB

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