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    Hi. I've tried a lot of meds to help with daily depression ect. I keep getting really bad side effects when I start the meds. I'm wondering if anyone knows if its beneficial to take an anti-depressent (like an ssri drug) and I have a lot of burning pain. Does anyone know what would be good for that? would the ssri help with that?

    Thanks for any ideas.
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    Dear Katmolly:

    Since you did not fill out your profile, we have no idea of what you have, what you have tried, etc. You need to give us a bit more info.

    When you say burning, are you talking about down the back of your legs and over your rear, like sciatic? Or are you talking about your feet? Hands? etc?

    I know that having epidurals and a nerve frozen got rid of the electrical zaps and burning I used to have. I took pamelor for some time (about 14 years ago) and that helped as well. I have since taken effexor (which also helped) and then paxil (which also helped). I am not taking any anti-depressants at the time, and still have some electrical zaps, but not all the time...and I can live with it, and do not want to go back on any anti-depressants.

    I now take flexeril at night, and it helps a great deal.

    We can help better ifyou give us some more info.


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    Have you been trying medications prescribed by your doctor? Have you discussed this with him/her? Amitryptaline and nortryptaline are really old anti-depressants, but they are used today as treatment for chronic pain. After taking amitryp. for three years, my doctor suggested I go without for a month (I tapered off following her guidelines). I neverwould have guessed how much worse things would be without the amitryp.! The side effects (weight gain, sexual dysfunction, et al) suddenly didn't seem so bad!

    I get all the relief I need for depression from St. John's Wort, but instead I'm taking Wellbutrin and amitryptaline because my symptoms are so much worse without it. Good luck.

  4. katmolly

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    thank you for the replies.
    basically i have burning in a lot of places. the pain changes a lot, but really it feels like i have very sore stinging burning muscles in my thighs a lot biceps, forearms, ect. i used to just have a sore back and now i have all these other symptoms. my doctor recently said i have fibromyalgia because i have those points that hurt plus i have a lot of the other symptoms that seem to go with it. last year i took lexapro and did not have all the burning pain, but i went off it because i didnt' think it was working. after week of constantly feeling like crap i tried going back on but had horrible restart symptoms so i tried a bunch of other things (effexor, paxil, cymbalta) all with terrible side effects. i did try elavil with no side effects but could not increase it because i get seizures and it incresases your risk of seizures. my doctor recently said maybe i should try lexapro again since it worked a couple years ago (and i didn't have this constant burning). thanks for your help

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    Try to find decent neurologist first. Especially if have any numbness, or prickling sensations….

    Individuals taking Paxil and experiencing any of the following symptoms should contact their doctor immediately:
    Jaw, neck, and back muscle spasms
    Fever, chills, sore throat, or flu-like symptoms
    Yellowing of the skin or eyes
    Black, tarry stools (this can indicate upper GI bleeding)
    Hope, that will help.