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  1. lucky

    lucky New Member

    I would be interested to know if there are any members living close to the Greater Toronto Area on this board.
    Would love to meet some on this board. Thanks, Lucky
  2. lucky

    lucky New Member

    I would be interested to know if there are any members living close to the Greater Toronto Area on this board.
    Would love to meet some on this board. Thanks, Lucky
  3. lucky

    lucky New Member

    and thank you for your reply, Spedding. I am in good hands, however, but I am sure that quite a few members would love to take advantange of your offer to pass on what Dr. Smythe's treatments are.
    I live in Mississauga, just 20 min. down the QEW in Port Credit by the way. Take care and all the best, Lucky
  4. pepper

    pepper New Member

    We've spoken before and I've told you that I live in Ottawa. I was just curious about Dr. Smythe and I wonder if he treats CFS as well as FM. I am always on the lookout for new things to try.

    If you or Spedding could let me know I would appreciate it.
    Thanks. Pepper
  5. Thella

    Thella New Member

    I am in Ont. but about 14 hours north and west of you. God's country. Not the north like in cottage country but the really far north up past the soo.
    WE have snow 5 inches already.
    Has Mel called out the army yet to clear toronto streets. WE still laugh at that one.
    take care
  6. Wingingit

    Wingingit New Member

    Hi Fellow Ontariariarians...
    I and from SE On in a not so little town called Peterborough.
    At times I wish I was closer than 2 hrs. from TO.
    I have yet to find a doc here that has a clue.
    Waiting for a pain clinic app. at Sunnybrook and then will make the trip to the big city.
    Anyone ever dealt with a pain clinic in TO? Any luck with that?
    Take Care
  7. lucky

    lucky New Member

    and nice to hear from you. Well, this starts to get a little interesting to meet people also from our Province and read what their experiences are in dealing with their lives with either CFS, FMS, or both.
    How long have you been ill, Thella, and what is the help you are getting far away from a big city?
    Are you living in WaWa, by any chance, that is the only place I remember going to Batchawana Bay once many years ago. The real true NORTH still and very beautiful, but oh, soooo cold in the winter.
    Take care and lets be in touch. Lucky
  8. dorothyanne

    dorothyanne New Member

    There are several more members from Ontario, so hopefully with me bringing this post to the top of the page, they'll respond.

    When I was young, I lived in Toronto for a couple of years, and visited Port Credit a few times. I miss the big city. Being on a disability pension, I couldn't afford to live there anymore. My oldest son works at Mt Sinai Hospital on the mouse genome project, and I'd love to visit him but can't handle the bus trip.

    Wingingit: My oldest son went to Trent University for 4 years so I visited Peterborough a few times. What a beautiful area of the province, especially in the fall.

    It's good to meet other members that live relatively nearby.

    Love and gentle hugs, Dorothyanne
  9. lucky

    lucky New Member

    my computer is not doing too well today, or is it me? This is my 3rd note, hopefully it gets on the way.
    I do not believe that Dr. Smythe is a good choice for treating CFS, he is a rheumatologist and on top of it, very onesided with his opinion which I could also read in the globe article. Nobody ever recommended him to me in all my years with CFS, although I knew he existed.
    According to Spedding, he has helped her, but I have no idea if she suffers only from FMS or both.
    I am interested to find this out, also for other people who can benefit from her experiences with the treatments.
    Take care, and talk to you soon. Lucky
  10. pepper

    pepper New Member

    I know people with FM and others with CFS/FM like me. There is no mistaking that they are very different although some things are the same. After reading each of your posts, I think I'll stick with my good ol' country doc in Perth and see if he can keep helping with my symptoms.
    Thanks again. Pepper
  11. lucky

    lucky New Member

    Pepper, I believe that Spedding put it right, Dr. Smythe is not for treating the CFS. And I also agree that although similar, both are not identical.
    I also have decided for a long time, to cherish the doctor I have and stick with him. He seems to be most up to date with anything of what I read on this board. For newcomers, however, any good info will be helpful.
    I really have to read at least part of Dr. Smythe's book, Spedding, to really learn what he has to say about his FM treatments - but since a neighbour of mine has seen him more than 10 yrs. ago and still is suffering badly from FM, that's why I had second doubts when I heard the name and read his opinion in the Globe and Mail on Oct. 14. However, with these illnesses as you know, what can help one might not help the other person. You are very fortunate to feel better which is great.
    I have a question - if he could help with the pain, what about the other symptoms like cognitive and neurological which mostly are accompanied by FM?
    Thanks and nice to hear from both of you, Lucky
  12. lucky

    lucky New Member

    and Thank you for your reply.
    The last time when I was in Owen Sound, the main street was all under construction, which was last year. However, I remember the beautiful garden in front of a hotel, or whatever on the shore of Georgian Bay.
    How long have you been ill, and I am interested to know if you have FM or CFS. What about good doctors up in your area because the place is so small?
    If I would feel better at the moment, I am down with another infection, I would have loved to go up north for the fall colours. But, as I just heard on the news, they are almost gone up in the Georgian Bay area. We are visiting Thornbury and Meaford quite a bit during the summer. Love it up there.
    Kind regards, Lucky
  13. lucky

    lucky New Member

    sorry, I did not read your biography before I replied and wish and hope that things are looking up for you. But, with so many hurdles in your life, I hope that you get the proper care you need by your doctor. Just take care and try to live one day at a time. A big hug Lucky
  14. lucky

    lucky New Member

    and nice to meet you. I also read your bio and what you went through and the pain you are in, and I am very sorry to hear that.
    I am positive that the pain clinic at Sunnybrook will be very helpful and also will probably to get you in touch with other health care providers who might be able to give you more relief. So, the positive thing is that you will get more help than you seem to get in Peterborough.
    And, as you found out, there are a lot of members who can give support which is great and very very appreciated when we need it.
    I wish you well and let us know if you were successful at the pain clinic. Take care, Lucky
  15. lucky

    lucky New Member

    where and how do I search for your posting and how? No idea.
  16. lucky

    lucky New Member

    before I shut off for today, it went through my brain that I know where to look, is it the book? OR am I stupid? May be? Have been on the computer for too long today. I am just getting better from an infection, otherwise I never spend that much time on it when I am more mobile. Take care Lucky
  17. dorothyanne

    dorothyanne New Member

    I just want to reply to your comment about support from my doctor. HA!!! I am one of the 30% of Ontarians who now are "medically orphaned". I had a wonderful doctor who fully supported me in my bid for disability pension (CPP). (Successful after 3 yrs!!!) Then in June 2001, he abandoned his large practice to work full-time in Emerg. In Owen Sound, we are severely under supplied with both family doctors and specialists. Fortunately, we now have a walk-in clinic, where the line-ups are long, but at least the wait is usually less than in the E.R.

    During this past month when I was getting my rabies shots, I spent a LOT of time in Emerg (where I got shot) which would have been no problem except for my sciatica. Most times, the waiting room was insane, but I'm sure not nearly as bad as in the Toronto area hospitals.

    That's my vent for tonight about the medical situation in Ontario.

    I would appreciate if you would email me, Lucky.

    Love and gentle hugs, Dorothyanne
  18. cuddles

    cuddles New Member

    Not from Toronto, but 7 hours north, the home of Shania Twain.
  19. tes

    tes New Member

    I'm from Toronto, Canada. North York to be exact. Where are you exactly from in Toronto. If you have any questions please feel free to post back.

    Take Care,
  20. *Isla*

    *Isla* New Member

    I live in Toronto, in East York. Great to hear from all the Torontonians on this board!
    God bless and keep smilin'!!