any men with night sweats?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mlrarr, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. mlrarr

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    I was wondering if any men out there have night sweats? I heard being dibetic can cause this? Any info?

    Thanks mlrarr
  2. bikrgrl

    bikrgrl New Member

    i'm 28 not really the age that you are supposed to get night sweats. I get them constantly.
    I was told it could be hypoglycemia??? very common with fibro i hear.
  3. Doober

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    had a few nights of this and sometimes when I turn over I feel the sweat just rool down.

    The funny thing is that it is not because I am not hot under the covers or cold then getting getting hot rapidly.

    It is weird when it happens, It is somewhat uncomfortable to be laying in pools of sweat.

    The good thing is that it does not happen often.

    When it does happen constantly, it will be something I will definately look into. I know if I say something now, it will just get brushed aside as something or another that the DR would not be concerned about.

    My only fear that I hope when there is something done about it, I just hope it is not too late at that time.
  4. bre_ann

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    Don't wait until it's too late to bring it up with the dr. please. My father was having night sweats but also running a low grade fever and it was something severe so don't blow everything you have off to CFS or FM because sometimes it might not be that. Not trying to scare you but just keep track of it please and don't be afraid to tell your dr.
  5. cbs1234

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    After my reaction to levaquin many years ago, I suffered from DRENCHING night sweats. I would awake after two hours or so of very restless, light sleep and all of my night clothes, sheets and pillows would be soaking wet. This lasted for abour 6 to 8 months after my reaction to levaquin, returned from time to time over the next several years and eventually disappeared.

    BILLCAMO New Member

    YES ! And day sweats too. Mine are not due to any meds or any other medical condition that I know of existing. But , there are a lot of possibilities. It is best to not presume that all of our problems are caused by our DDs.

    In my case , I've always been a heavy sweater. My sweating has increased at least 3-fold since I got sick. And my BO (body odor) challenge has become about 5X as big. I can smell like I've worked 8 hrs. in the heat 5-10 mins. after a shower. And I also can feel like I've worked a hard-labor 8 hr. day.

    So many questions & so few answers.......

    Blessings ,

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  7. Bambi

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    my husband has only been diagnosed with Diabetes2, a severe genetic back problem and some joint problems..we BOTH get night sweats periodically. To make it more odd we get them at the same time. It's not often, but when it happens we both sweat profusely and it will sometimes last for a couple of weeks. many times during these periods we'll have to ge up and change night clothes and sheets. We run the central air and a window air conditioner as well as a very large fan (year around) as we both cannot tolerate heat. But when the sweats stop they stop for both of us at the same time. The doctors haveno CLUE why it starts or stops for us. If I find out or a solution I will definitely post it here! Sincerely, Bambi
  8. mlrarr

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    He does not have fever. He is stressed all the time due to his job. I told him he has a week and if he is still doing this its to the doctor. Being a diabetic runs in his family and someone said that night sweats can be part of that. Anyway thanks. Ill keep you posted

  9. mlrarr

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