Any Miracle Cures Out There?

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    I just recently came to realize that I probably have Lyme disease. The docs I went to got hung up on one symptom or another and never diagnosed Lyme. I lucked into something while I was dealing with the rash that no one could seem to figure out. My symptoms are many, but they are very gradually lessening and some have not recurred since I started doing my thing.

    I've recently decided to get more proactive with this and have gotten the feeling that there is no magic bullet. I'm thinking that if the protocols used by the medical docs yield results gradually, I'll just stick with what I'm doing and avoid further frustration in the medical maze.

    Since I'm new to this Lyme concept, I'd sure like to hear from some voices of experience.

    Thanks so much.

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    Getting the right and full diagnosis is the key to being able to choose treatment and to treat effectively. Get tested by Igenex for Lyme and coinfections. Find an LLMD (Lyme literate MD) in your area via the ILADS website.

    The options for treatment that I see available are:
    (1) Antibiotics
    (2) Herbs (from NutraMedix) and other supplements
    (3) A combination of meds, herbs, and supplements,
    (4) MMS (This product could be too strong for some of us or risky)
    (5) Rife Frequency Machines (See Bryan Rosner's book on Lyme and Rife Machines, as well as his book of the Top 10 Treatments for Lyme)
    (6) Bio-photon (Light Treatment) (expensive) (see Bionic 880 used in Germany)

    Some of the common specific protocals for Lyme include:
    * Stephen Buhner's Healing Lyme book,
    * Dr. Lee Cowden,
    * The Marshall plan,
    * Dr. Klinghardt's KMT frequency treatment and supplementation, etc.
    * My LLMD uses the Jacob Teitlebaum approach to CFS and he heads the FFC (Fibro.& Fatigue clinics) (I don't know how FFC treats Lyme).

    Best wishes,

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