Any natural ways to raise estrogen?

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  1. suz9601

    suz9601 Member

    I am having a hard time finding a doctor to help me w/my low estrogen levels. I have been tested, and am very low and have many symptoms of low estrogen. Is there anyway to get my levels up naturally? I dont just mean to mask the symptoms, but to really raise my estrogen? Like a precursor or something?

    I am only 28 and have seen a few doctors and they are afraid to give me estrogen because of my age, but I am very low and can't ignore it. Thanks for any help.

  2. maddswan

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    you can try soy milk, tofu (cook with veggies) and green tea.

    if you look at stuff at walmart that says it helps to raise estrogen. the indgredients are soy and estrogen and etc.

    are you still having your periods ? i am over 50 and having warm/cold spells myself. i plan to get on a pill soon.

    good luck
  3. suz9601

    suz9601 Member

    Thanks Guys,


    My period is less than a day long and extremely light. They are very far apart too, not a normal 28-30 days. Not good at 28 years old.
  4. ilovecats94

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    when I was going through menopause and couldn't take Premarin. I didn't have any ill effects from it at all.

    I still use veggie burgers, soy bacon, soy breakfast patties as it is better than eating the real thing and having a heart attack from the cholesterol.

    I guess what is one man's gold is another's poison.

    I still will get mixed vegetables with tofu from the chinese restaurant. I don't find any problems with it at all. My high cholesterol is a much bigger problem. I'm diabetic and I also use Splenda and Aspartame and have never had any problems from it at all.

  5. suz9601

    suz9601 Member

    yeah, I have read soy is good, then it is bad. It's hard to know what to believe anymore w/all the studies that contradict each other..
  6. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    then soy is a good estrogen booster. The reason new warnings are coming out about it's overuse, is there is far more to woman's problems than just estrogen. And woman esp. were overusing soy as a health booster. Having low estrogen levels is a pretty rare thing these days, estrogen toxicity is far more prevalant, where there is too much estrogen, but on enough other balancing hormones like progesterone, estradiol and testosterone. This is because there are so many estrogen mimicers in our diet from bad farming and water recycling.

    Red clover flower is an even more powerful estrogen booster than soy and has other immune boosting benefits as well. I accidently had some tea for several days, it's fragrant and delicious btw, not knowing about the estrogenic properties. I got very moody and weepy, like near my period, and no wonder because I tend to have too much estrogen already. I knew of the other great health benefits and that's why I'd selected it into my herb repetoire.

  7. neen85

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    QUestion in post before me...D
  8. suz9601

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    yeah, I went on the BC pill and within a week or developed vulvodynia and then everything snowballed from there. I am afraid to try the BC again..I had a yeast infection the entire time I was on it, which was only 4 months. thanks for your reply and everyone elses.
  9. spiritsky

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    My wife used to use Chaste Berry and St John's Wort when she was just starting menopause and it worked well at the time but now she needs something stronger and is on bio-identical hormone replacement.
  10. code34me

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    Just a thought but mabey read up on Wild Yam Cream or Wild Yam benefits? Per my chiropractors wife it is great for balancing hormones, regulating menstral cycles etc...

  11. goaska29

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    I'm 26 and I was having similar issues...period 32+ days apart and last only 1 day. I went on Ovcon-35 about 8 months ago and things have been much better. I HATED the BCP i was on in college and was very hesitant to go back on one. Ovcon is high in estrogen and lower in progesterone. I haven't had any of the side effects i had on the Ortho-Tri-Cyclen i was on in college. My period is still really short, but with this pill it's supposed to be and it comes every 28 days.

    My doc was hesitent about putting someone in their 20s on estrogen-replacement-therapy, so we decided on the BCP route together.

    Also, I found books by Dr. Elizabeth Vliet very helpful...she offers many more suggestions than just BCPs. Two good titles were "Screaming to be Heard" and "It's My Ovaries Stupid!". Silly titles, but good info.

    I agree about staying away from soy though....
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