Any New Year resolutions??? UPDATE

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by morningsonshine, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    I don't know if i missed any post like this? But i'm going to try to lose some weight before Valentine's Day.
    Been slowly creeping up on my again. Just shooting for 5lbs, anyone else game???

    Need to get back to some very light gentle exercising too., It makes a big difference, in managing this DD. Even if it's only gentle stretching.

    I bought a sit and be fit video last summer and i felt silly not being a senior, but it felt good, and not too much for me.

    Last thing i want to do, is go back to trying to be a fly baby. It's a web sight that encourages and helps you built routine and housework into your life, without overwhelming you. My house needs help, and we live in an isolated area, i can't find anyone to help out.

    Okay, that's me,
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  2. sisland

    sisland New Member

    It seems like i'm always on a weight loss trek,,,Finally got one of those Tony little Gazelles ,,and started out slow and now am seeing and feeling results!,,,still have a ways to go!!,,,,but it's worth the money!,,you can find them on HSN,,,,home shopping network

    The housework routine is always overwhelming!,,,,just do alittle at a time ,,,got one of thoes lightweight stick Vaccums,,,,it works great!,,for the kitchen and bath floors ,,

    then i use the big vac for the carpeted areas,,,,,,,,also got some microfiber cleaning cloths ,,they do a really good job with out having to add all the chemicals,,,,on countertops, mirrors,,wood furniture etc,,,,,,wish there was a Merry maid service for all of us!

    Hope this helps!,,,,,HUgs!,,,,Sis
  3. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Hey guys, meant to do a better week by week on my goals for encouragement, and to encourage others. But, can't do everything!! HA,
    I've lost 3lbs so far, my goal is 128, but if i just get back to 130 i'll be happy. I found this neat sight to keep track of my weight, and it's encouraging and fun to do, posted the link below of my progress.

    At first my weight wouldn't budge for about 2 weeks and it was dissapointing, but finally it dropped. I feel much better with my jeans fitting again.

    I"ve eliminated most carbs, my corn or potatoe chips and chocolate addiction.
    been eating protein and salads. Brown rice and pishacho nuts are my new addiction.

    I've been using my rebounder for three weeks, about 6 minutes a day, split up in 2 minutes at a time. It's the beginners routine, for the first week, but i haven't made it beyond that, i don't want a crash.

    It adds up to about 30 minutes of Exercise for the week, and it's been helpful to my back and neck. So even a little helps.
    I tried some push-up, but i'm too weak and it strains the muscle too much. I could only do one full push up and 4 on my knees. Now i'm doing 20 wall push-ups. Much, much easier but still challenging for my weak upper body.

    So i'm working on my first two goals, But the flylady thing is a bust!!
    I have managed to do some decluttering so that was nice. Lots more to go. The Heavy housecleaning is still too overwhelming.
    I managed to do a couple of jobs in the bathroom, one at a time, not all together.
    grammy27, i too feel abit overwhelmed my the flylady sight.

    sisland, hows the Gazelles exercising going??

    So there's my update.

    On another note, i had an amazing week, starting Jan. 29, a Thursday. I don't know if it was from the exercise, and i built up some stamina, or from some extra supplements i added, but i did really well before i had to slow down and rest.

    That Thursday, i took my son to the Dentist, a hour and half drive oneway. That alone usally does me in. But, friday i went to the chiroprator, drove myself that day too, 20 miles.

    Then Saturday, i got really, really daring!!!!!! Had a blast! It was a beautiful day 35 above, and i went snowmobiling with my family!!! I'm always getting left behind, but not this time. I rode behind my hubby on his double seater. We went 35 miles, ate dinner at a resort, and went back home. We stopped at a rest place in the middle of the woods, and the kids had a snoball fight. I got picked up by my husbands friend and dumped into the deep snow off the trail!

    I felt alive for once!! Loved going 60 miles on the straight strecthes, and wind blowing my hair in my helmet. I felt so much joy, i cried a few silent tears.

    The helmet was the biggest issue, it didn't fit well, and felt very heavy for my neck and shoulders. By the time we got to the last 10 miles, i was ready to be done.

    Then Sunday, after church, i helped my son with a school project, that took awhile, i was sooo tired.
    Monday we had to do our Grocery shopping, another thing the usally wears me out all by it's self.

    Tuesday we went back to the big Town (45 miles) to do taxes. After all that, i could feel myself starting to shut down, but i was amazed at everything i did do.

    The next 4 days, i slept, and slept, and slept. I'm kinda feeling back to okay now this Monday.

    Arent' you guys AMAZED??? I am, and full of thankfulness, wow, to live again, even if it's temporarily!!!!
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  4. sisland

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    Glad you posted an update Misty!,,,,sounds like your doing great!,,,being on the low carb high protien ,,no sugar eating plan works wonders for me too,,,have lost a few pounds and am feeling better for the most part,,,have worked myself up to 25 minutes on the gazell about 3-4 days out of the week ,,,,,,sometimes i go longer and sometimes alittle less,,it has helped me keep active and not to become sedentary during these winter months!

    Sounds like you had a great snow--mobile trip!,,,,isn't wonderful when we can behave like normal healthy people!,,,hear you on the silent tear thing!,,,,,,,,Grammy ,,Those Wii Fit things sound fun! ,,,,i keep hearing rave reviews about them! and plus they are fun to use for time with family,,,,,,,lets keep it up girls!,,,,,HUgs and heres to more Normal days!,,,,,,,,,,,Sis

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