Any Nova Scotians here?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by joanie19595, Jun 7, 2006.

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    CFS for 14 years , Newfoundland , Canada
    No specialists here. Family doctor doesn't understand this illness. Am severely fatigued this year , no break , heavy head, no food seems to interest me although I am a good eater and used to look forward to food. 47 yrs. old , Perimenopause?
    Am on zoloft, Idarac [pain], xanax for sleep, q10 enzyme, garlic, 5htp. Don't know where to go from here, am too tired and sick to live. Don't feel overly depressed. Should be lol.
    Would travel if I could find a specialist in Canada. Do anyone know of the treatment Dr. Alison Bested of Toronto offers?
    Any response would be wonderful. Please respond.P.S any help from Nova Scotia would be appreciated. Any spec in Halifax?Thank you neighbour.
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    I'm not going to be much help but I wanted to say hi to you .. and that I understand how you feel.

    I was born in Niel's Harbor Cape Breton .. husband New Waterford and son in Halifax (the Grace before it changed).. we are all Bluenosers .. but have literally lived from one coast to the other .. Comox BC .. and 4 years in the Netherlands .. you may have guessed .. my husband was military .. haha

    We are settled in Kingston Ontario now .. hate the hot humid summers but we were posted twice before here .. so some what more "home" than any where else.

    I have fibro, Hashimoto's thyroid, mitral valve prolapse and tinnittus .. ringing in the right ear ..
    I take L-Tryptophan .. CoQ10 .. B complex .. amitriptilyne .. flexeril .. oxycontin 10 mgs every 12 hours .. Oxy-IR for break through pain .. hydromorphone for night pain .. the oxy makes my brain work all night other wise .. no rheumy .. had a bad experience .. but a good GP ..

    My husband is a Gulf War 91 vet .. he has huge health issues from that .. we support each other .. I'm sorry you don't have access to a specialist .. I have heard of the Toronto doctor but haven't gone .. so I can't give an opinion .. but if you can go it might really help.

    I just wanted to respond .. so you wouldn't think you were talking to a blank space .. haha .. if I can help with any experience or meds that I have taken .. just ask ..
    Good Luck !
    Joy : )
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    but my grandparents on my mothers side were born in Meteghan.The Family has been there from the 1600's. Linda
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    Hi Joanie19595,
    Iam from the South Shore,originally Caledonia,now I am living in bridgewater.
    As for specialists in Halifax???

    The only place I know of is; Nova Scotia Environmental
    Health Centre. Fall River.They deal with CFS .

    My doctor got me there.I go in september.My doc sent the papers to them I believe in March,or April.Heard back last month.I had to confirm my appointment.As they have quite a waiting list.

    Thats all that I know of right now.Hope it helps!!

    Take Care!!

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