Any of you from central Florida

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  1. SPR30

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    I live just north of a small town in central Florida called Dade City. I am about equal distance from Lakeland, Tampa, Spring Hill, Orlando, New Port Richey. (I'm right in the heart of Florida.)
    How many of you out there are from this area? I am just curious.
    Take care of you!
  2. Suekoo

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    Hi - I'm over here in Dunedin next to Clearwater. Achy is from here (or was) and also beachwalker. They will probably answer you too. I'll keep my eye on this post and actually see how many there are. Good to hear from you!
  3. Donna39

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    I live in Jacksonville,actually its a little town south of Jax called Yulee.Most people have never heard of it,so I always say I live in Jax. I am barely a floridian,10 miles from my house and I am in Georgia.Thats my home town anyways-I was born in Atlanta.The weather here really makes me sick,especially with the summer and humidity.
    Take care,
  4. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    Hey! I'm right next to you (Amelia Is.).
  5. JoyJoyBinks

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    I live in Winter Haven, about an hour away from Dade City.
  6. SPR30

    SPR30 New Member

    So nice to hear from all of you. I know where Yulee is. My cousin lives in Jacksonville, I have friends in Orange Park and my parents have a second home in Georgia. I go there when I can. The town is 45 minutes from Jacksonville called Waverly (they live right off of Hwy 17, near I-95). I also visit Hawthorne, Brunswick, Folkston and White Oak too. Sometimes I stop in Callahan, Starke, Baldwin and Waldo.
    It is so good to know I have fellow Floridians here. Hope you are all safe, happy and well today.
    Love and hugs,
    Stacey (SPR30)
    P.S> I just love it in Georgia, cept for the sulfur water and smell of pulp mills, hee hee!
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  7. Juloo

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    So excited to see someone from Yulee that I didn't even tell you hello -- so HELLO! I know where Dade City is -- a friend is from there, and I went to her wedding two years ago. I have in-laws in Tampa and Orlando. Both I-95 and I-75 are very familiar. Re: Waldo, etc. Hope you haven't gotten any tickets -- fortunately we haven't either...hard not to want to get to your destination because it seems like such a loooooong drive!

    So -- does the heat/humidity kill you? I lived in Tampa for a while. Missed the 'seasons', even as they're defined in North Florida. I think genetically I was destined to be a New Englander. Just my luck I've lived in the south almost all my life -- I was even born in Miami. Can't get much farther away from N.E. than that, at least in the US.

    When I go up north for summer vacations, somehow my brain comes alive. That's the only way I can describe it. Something about the clear light, cool water, even the fog is okay. Coming back home after being away is like taking that first scuba dive into bathwater -- all sticky and suffocating. My husband tells me when fall finally hits here, I get 'spunky'. Really counting down the days -- today is actually very beautiful here. I just have a rotten sinus infection so can't enjoy it as much as if I didn't.
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  8. MsSmurfy

    MsSmurfy New Member

    Well hello there!! I simply thought it would be nice to share some common ground here...even thought the ground I live upon is waaaaaaaaaaaay south of all of you out there!!BUT...I am in the 'Sunshine_State' never the less!! I am in PALM CITY...which is about 40 mins north of West Palm Beach...once only about 10 mins away from Celine Dions home in Jupiter,Fl(before she left for VEGAS...) But I hear she shall return after her commitments are fulfilled...haha...Anyways...smurfy is in a place we call now..."OUR PARADISE"....awesome weather...beautiful tropical environment...and NO more unbearable COLD weather which made my stricken body feel as if it would NEVER thaw out!! I have lived in the Northern areas...I no longer wish the "change_of_seasons" that many speak of....I LOVE "PARADISE"...& thank God we are here....*smile@@smurfy~style!!!
  9. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    My mom was like you -- loved the warm weather and sunshine. She's the reason I was born in Miami (Coral Gables), by the way. She moved down from Boston in her 20's. She never did go back!

    I have thought about the perfect year, climate-wise for me. I think it would be summer on Cape Cod until the beginning of October, autumn in North Carolina (mountains ideal, but would take anywhere in NC the leaves change), winter where I am...with maybe a couple of weekend trips to see some frost and snow...this takes us through maybe mid-April. So I'm missing mid-April to the beginning of June. I really like late fall and 'winter' in the Gulf South. My favorite time for doing touristy things. Oh -- maybe Charleston in the spring, right in time for Spoletto in May. Perfect!
  10. SPR30

    SPR30 New Member

    Hi Juloo and Smurfy,
    Glad to meet ya!
    In answer to your questions Juloo, no I haven't gotten any tickets either, but I know what you are talking about. So many speed traps in north Florida. The humidity here does make me ill. The heat makes me sick, literally. But I also have RA, so our cold (which many people do not understand that it can get very cold in Florida, and it is a very damp cold) is painful too. We get alot of rain, which makes me flare also. I guess, probably the mid west would be ideal for me, if you could say such, but I know nothing but the south. I was born here and all my family is here.
    If you wold like, you can mentoin your fried's name, I may know them. Again, it is good to meet you! Keep in touch, I would enjoy that.

    Smurfy, I have never been that far south in Florida, but I really would like to see the area where you live. The St. Pete/Clearwater area is as far south as I have ever gone. Who knows, maybe one day I will just get in the car with my hubby and drive.
    You mentioned being near Celine's home, she is my favorite female singer. Thank you for introducing yourself, be happy, healthy and enjoy the sunset tonight.
    I will keep a check on this post, It's fun, isn't it, to have positive things in common, aside from our ills, ugh!
  11. Tunes

    Tunes New Member

    Hi SPR,

    I think I'm in what is called, South Central Florida on the West Coast. From Holiday, Fl. Not far from Dunedin, or Tarpon Springs. I also believe it's about 20 mi. North of Tampa, taking the race track route South called 19.

    Hi to all other Floridians!!!

    Take care,

  12. jofla

    jofla New Member

    I am from Palm Coast, a ways from where you are. I am about 30 miles north of Daytona Beach. Nice to meet you.

  13. Dree

    Dree New Member

    I've only posted once here, but read everyday. Lots of info here and you guys seem so close...and nice.....Of course the "Florida" post caught my eye. I'm in the panhandle of Florida...Destin. An hour south of Pensacola and an hour north of Panama City....My little bit of paradise!.....Hope you guys are keeping your eyes on the storm. It's a big one. Hopefully, it will not affect anyone inland. Keeping fingers tightly crossed and prayers said....Looking forward to getting to know ya'll. Plan on posting lots more......
  14. JCJ

    JCJ New Member

    I'm new on the list, but I also live in Central Florida....about an hour away from Dade City in Lakeland. the little town north of Dade City that comes to my mind would be Trillacoochee.
    Hope all is well with you all.....
  15. jofla

    jofla New Member

    would love more information on the support group. That hurricane does scare me. Really not up to having to evacuate, plus the pain that will come with it. I am praying that it will stay way out to sea and nobody has to deal with it.

    Take care

  16. clueless

    clueless New Member

    Hi! We spend our wintersin Frostproof a little town between Lake Wales and Sebring. We go to Winter Haven for our health care. This may be our last winter there as we drive down (We are from New York state) and it is getting to be a long trip for both of us. My husband for driving in the traffic and me because of this fibro. It is getting worse and even tho we have three nights over I am still in a lot of pain. We carry a foam pad to put on my bed and that helps the sleeping a bit and the klonopin and magnesium also helps. We would take the train down with our car in it (it goes as far as Washington which would help ) but we have a third member of our family, a little lasho apso dog and of course they are not allowed and with out her we would not go!!!! We are 75 and 77 and have spent 13 winters down there so it is a second home and we feel we have been blessed to have that many retirement years. Sorry to rattle on so, Lake Wales Hospital had a group meeting for a wile and am going to see if they have continued it, it helps I believe.Hello! to all the rest of you Floridians!! Clueless
  17. tygerwolfe

    tygerwolfe New Member

    I live in melbourne! it's nice to know im not alone here and i can use all the local support i can get! my parents moved me here when i was 13. originally from ohio. anyone out there near melbourne!!!
  18. MsSmurfy

    MsSmurfy New Member

    Seems to be quite a few Floridians out here...although smurfy is the furthest south from what the posts have revealed! I grew up in Miami/North Miami area(tho born in NY), but have lived in Dade & Broward county for many years. Now we finally returned to Fla(after 15 years in Illinois/Missouri). The 'Treasure Coast' is awesome. lots & lots of water everywhere! Not just the Atlantic Ocean, but many bays,rivers & waterways throughout the area & visually it is breath_taking to be able to drive the roadways & view the various waterways along with Nature's critters too! Love to go on our waverunners & accompany the Dolphins at play! Our property which we live on is 2 acres but some of which we also own a portion of an island behind our home. We live on the water within an environmentally protected lots of Natures critters share their land/waterways with us! We have Key Deer, Wild Boar, Otters, gators(of course) & then neighbors have Llamas & horses too! Being within a protected perserve is nice! Certainly don't miss the loooong winters...although it gets cold enough here when it dips in the 30's!!!
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I live waaaay down south on the Gulf in Ft. Myers. Love it here, but am considering moving up to SC if I cannot find work here which doesn't put me back in bed full time.

    I love the Carolinas too. Have one daughter and SIL in Atlanta. I love Atlanta but don't think I can deal with city life anymore (I'm from Denver and just got back from a visit there).

    Florida is a wonderful place but totally different from anyplace else I've been. It takes a little getting used to. Now, I consider myself a Floridian :) BTW, I love the heat and humidity. The dryness in Denver gives me asthma.

    Love, Mikie
  20. SPR30

    SPR30 New Member

    You are in Lakeland. I used to shop there alot, before the Wesley Chapel/ New Tampa area expanded. Now they have so many stores and such I go there alot. I love the Lakeland area though. I used to have a cousin living in Lakeland and one in Mulberry. The mall there is great, isn't it? (I used to go to CHili's, Red Lobster and Toys R Us alot, hee hee!)
    You mentioned Trilacoochee. That is where Trilby and Lacoochee meet. It is right on Hwy 301 about 2 minutes from my home. My son attends Lacoochee Elemtary, very good school.
    It is so cool to know you! I would love to hear from you again! Take care!