Any of you taking T3 (Cytomel) for FMS??

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    I was wondering if any of you take the thyroid hormone T3 (Cytomel)for FMS? If so has it helped you?

    A few years ago I started taking T3 (Cytomel). I was dx'd with Graves (Hyper thyroid) in 1987. Had RAI & have no functioning thyroid. I took synthroid for many years & felt very well. About 6-7 years ago I started to backslide. I got more & more fatigued, started gaining some weight. Don't hate me...I wear a size 4, but then I wore a size 1. It seemed as tho when I started into the pre-menopause state, around age 37, my body stopped converting T4 hormone (synthroid) into the very much needed T3 hormone. Pretty soon the pain started, memory got so bad I could even remember why I walked out of my living room! Pain wise it would take me several minutes to get out of a chiar & walk across a room. I hurt big time. Anyway after 2 jerk endo's, including the one I had seen for years, left me hanging & wanted me to see a shrink, I got my family doc to run tests. Came to find out my T3 levels were below the bottom of the range!! So I started on Cytomel. In a few days some of my pain lifted, I felt better, less tired, etc. 3 weeks on T3 & most of my pain was gone. I do have good & bad days, flare ups, etc., but I don't take pain meds. The only meds I take are thyroid meds & some vitamins. Now I'm not saying his a a fix all cure for FMS, because it's not. However it did help me & I was able to go off anti-depressants, pain meds, stomach meds, etc.

    Thyroid hormones control ever cell on our bodies. Lack of enough over a period of time & things just keep getting worse.

    It's worth a try to ask your doc to at least let you try a small dose of it & see if it helps. 5-10 mgs a day. I take 10mg. 15mg made me hyper, so I had to go off it & start over.

    Ask your doc to run a Free T4 & Free T3 test. Both should be in the middle to upper 3rd quartile of the range. If they are lower, then a small dose of T3 should be administered. T3 (Cytomel) is fast acting, unlike T4 (synthroid). Normally our bodies convert T4 into T3 every morning, but many of us no longer convert it & must add it daily. I feel that the lack of T3 in my system all those years if why I ended up with FMS. This is something neither of the endo's checked me for. Hummm great specalists huh?? NOT!!


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    Yes, I take Cytomel, as well as Armour which contains T3 as well as T4. Like you, I do not adequately convert T4 to T3, and none of the other dr.s bothered checking this. The difference for me, with T3, is unbelievable.

    My dr. has played around with the strengths and right now I'm on 1 grain of Armour, 2 times a day, plus 1/2 of a 5 mcg pill of Cytomel, once a day. When I've used less Armour (1.5 grains/day), and more Cytomel (5 mgc 2x/day), my dr. said my T3 was good, but my T4 was still too low, even though I felt great (as I do now); for this reason she lowered the cytomel and increased the Armour, since Armour already had significant T3. Another time, when I took this same amount of Armour, but less T3, I felt like crap. My point is this: while my T4 may have been slightly low, when my T3 was good it made all the difference in the world.

    For me, if I don't have enough T3 I am almost lethargic. I haven't noticed any significant weight loss, as many often do with T3, but what I have noticed is that its easier for me to lose now, when I'm dieting.


    P.S. I wanted to add that Synthroid has ZERO T3, so for those like me who never felt less fatigued on Synthroid, I would strongly urge you to check your T3 levels. If you do not convert enough T4 to T3, it doesn't matter HOW strong your thyroid dose is.
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