Any one else with all kinds of sore spots in your ribs?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by PAlady, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. PAlady

    PAlady New Member

    I have many sore spots in my ribs, finding more all the time. How do you wear a bra? Help! Its so nice to have people who understand where your coming from! Thanks
  2. starmom

    starmom New Member

    I have very sore ribs. Add the fact that if/when back muscles spasm more I can swell up 3 sizes, well, bras are just not a happening thing. I gave up on bras years ago.

    When I do have to wear a ra, I wear a Bra-lelujah from Spanx. It is made out of the same stuff as pantyhose. But SOOO much more durable. I got the one I have on ebay for a lot less than retail.

    Also, being properly fitted for a bra is important. Most women wear the wrong size. if you do a search on bra fitting you can find out how to do it properly. And some larger cities have stores devoted to bras and fitting htem. I do not trust hte department store "bra fitters". They have had so little training as to be a waste of time andmoney usually.

  3. Manwithfibro

    Manwithfibro New Member

    My ribs hurt so bad all the time and I even get swelling in them with lumps. My wife can feel the knots.

    It is one of my worst areas and I find nothing helps. I was considering a nerve block but not sure who to see about it.

  4. angelkisses6

    angelkisses6 New Member

    Does anybody know if this is related to fibro?because i also have the same problem. It drives me crazy its like what eles?and that iam afraid to ask,lol. Take care all,angelkisses
  5. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    Yes, I have very painful ribs. Just touching them feels like pressing on deep bruises. Have no idea why.
  6. gwheezy41

    gwheezy41 New Member

    Hi! It seems to be connected, I think they call it pleurisy. Hope I spelt that one right. So tender that it hurts to breathe sometimes. Putting a heating pad or bag helps.....Virginia
  7. MamaZoe

    MamaZoe New Member

    I have sore ribs on occasion. Right now is one of them. My message therapist explains that it is the attachments (ligements/tendons) that are inflamed and causing the soreness. She worked on them last session and it helped a lot. The attachments contract and stay tense making the muscles sore and tense too. I had a lot of releif afterwards and was actually able to comfortable wear my bra. I like to use warm wet heat to help loosen them up. Also wear very comfortable cloths when I hurt real bad.

    Pleuricy is very painful and is not just sore ribs. It feels like you are rubbing sand paper between your chest and lungs. It extremely painful to breath or even move sometimes. I had a go with it last year and my husband had it a couple of years ago.

    Are you seeing a message therapist?

    Mama Zoe
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  8. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    I gently tried to massage them last night. They stay so sore. I rarely wear a bra.

    I have had a double mastectomy with reconstruction and had thought that was the cause. I had not heard anyone else mention it before.

    This disease just keeps on giving and giving.
  9. Aeronsmom

    Aeronsmom New Member

    I am just starting to get pain in my left side of my ribs
    feel like it is bruised. something new everyday huh?!?!

  10. UnicornK

    UnicornK New Member

    in the back. Usually it is the trigger points that hurt the most.

    I understand that the reason it hurts so much is because of something called Compound P. It tells your brain how much something hurts. That's why, if someone lightly taps you, it feels like they hit you with a hammer.

    On the days when it hurts the most, I don't wear a bra. I have to wear a BIG shirt those days. LOL Seriously, I have to decide which is worse, the pain from the ribs, or the back pain from not wearing a bra.

    God Bless.
  11. granny1353

    granny1353 New Member

    than what they are talking about. Pluersey (sp) is the pluera, which is the covering of the lung, gets inflammed and hard to slide like it is suppose to. It is so painful many a heafty man has had to go to er thinking he was having a heart attack.

    The pain in the ribs is from fm and is painful also, I think most of us have it.

    Hope that helps
  12. marilynb

    marilynb New Member

    I feel like I am bruised all over, especially in the ribs.
    Not fun. I use a heating pad all the time.

  13. Mom3

    Mom3 New Member

    They feel so bruised and sore. Sometimes it lasts for days. I rub them and also put a heat pad, it helps a little. It's awful how the pain moves around and new symptoms come up all the time. Agguuuuhhhh, it makes me so frustrated I can't remember when I had pain free days!!!!! mom3
  14. lmmillion

    lmmillion New Member

    I saw my Dr. last week for a severe pain on my upper left ribs. She said that this is what is was. Something very common with fibro patients. I hope that's all mine is. My ribs are very tender all of the time. However, this pain on my left side is much more severe and has me concerned. If it doesn't subside, I'm going to request an ultrasound or something, just to make sure there's not a growth or something there.

    I hate the pain from wearing a bra, but unfortunately, I need one. As soon as I walk in the door, though, off it goes!
  15. sleepyinlalaland

    sleepyinlalaland New Member

    several painful months in my 20's. I have also had painful costochondritis attacks since childhood. In my late teens I had several instances of breaking or dislocating ribs as a result of prolonged coughing from bronchitis.

    Today, decades later....I still ocassionally get the bruised feeling usually on mid-sternum. But mostly I suffer from a chronic, painful TIGHTNESS of the ribcage. I stretch and twist my torso all day (and night) trying to alleviate the fused-together feeling. I can pop my ribs every few minutes. It is very annoying. I wish I knew what kind of therapy would help...massage is so momentary.
  16. lvjesus

    lvjesus Member

    I, like Marilyn feel bruised in many spots and a lot of ones in the rib area on the side.

    Reseach the costocondritis thing because that is different and is inflamation and can be helped with Advil and heat.

    I feel like someone is poking me in the ribs sometimes and sometimes the spots are just sore to the touch. Thankfully I can still wear my bra since I work!!

    Hope we have helped.
  17. CanBrit

    CanBrit Member

    I also have the sore spots. As others have mentioned, I believe costochondritis is the cause of mine. I seem to experience it more on my right side.

    It flares up about few weeks. I get a feeling like the muscles are trying to push their way through my ribs. It makes me feel like I need to stretch to push them back in.

    Usually by the next day my ribs feel like they've been pummelled. I find it goes away after a few days thank God. iIt seems to coincide with flare ups.

    All the best.

  18. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    I"ve had this for years on and off. its very painful,I also have sore spots under my arms in my arm pits. I wear nothing but all natural deodorant.heating pad helps mine some what.I also have pain where my sternum is this is bothering me right now.tiger balm helps me. I have my DH put it on my back and rib area.sixtyslady
  19. buffyr

    buffyr New Member

    Doctor says it is costochondritis. I only wear a wireless bra. Underwires kill me. Target has a decent selection of wireless took a few tries even to find one of them that didn't hurt and didn't cause it to look like I had a uniboob. It hurts like crazy though, but not quite as bad as when I used to wear underwires, Good luck!!!
  20. Zzzsharn

    Zzzsharn New Member

    Owie!! Yup.. a big one for me too.. sometimes b/f can't even drape his arm over me when spooning becuase of the rib pain..

    I WISH I could go braless-- I do work full time.. but I've been blessed by the chest fairy and ain't NOBODY want to see me

    I haven't tried the heating pad on the ribs, might have to invest in a third one now.. grreat.

    Be well..