Any One Get Flu Like Symptoms?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Spoonerpaws, Apr 20, 2003.

  1. Spoonerpaws

    Spoonerpaws New Member

    I have FMS, and I'm now getting this really weird felling, mostly in the evening.

    I start to feel like I am coming down with the flu, and have a high temp. But when I take my temp it is normal.

    Still, I feel nauseous and flu like and this last several hours.

    I don't think they are hot flashes, so what the heck is this?
  2. danisue22

    danisue22 New Member

    get flu like symtoms ,I personally don't feel sick to my stomach,but I do feel that yucky feeling you get when your coming down with it. Very tired and achie.Slight headache and just a all over feeling of being sick.Hope this helps. Danisue
  3. LisaMay

    LisaMay New Member

    Be thankful that it doesn't start until mostly in the evenings and not last all day too! This is the way I feel quite often and I've just learned to deal with it by not getting stressed out. When I really feel like crap, I take a nap or go to bed for the night. I asked my PCP if she thought it could be hot flashes. She told me I am not menapausal yet. No definitive answer was given, but I came up with my own conclusion based on our conversation. Same game as always.

    I hope you find relief! Lisa
  4. layinglow

    layinglow New Member

    Spooner I have this too, but mine begins in the morning, that I feel my worst. When I arise, I have the aching (as if I have a high temp) , and malaise, along with nausea, too. It just feels as if I have one of the worse cases of flu, I have ever had....and it continues until I can get my medicines down, and working. The first thing I take is phenegren, so that getting rid of the nausea, makes it easier to take my other meds. Once they have worn off the process repeats itself.

    I have had hot flashes, and this does not in anyway resemble those.
    Best wishes,
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  5. lmn

    lmn New Member

    i get that flu like feeling too when i get my period or when i'm in a flare. just as you say, i feel like i have a fever but my temp is normal. it's just part of the dd. if you can, drink lots of water and rest...that usually helps.
    best of luck,
  6. praisingHim

    praisingHim New Member

    I don't usually feel like I have a fever, but I have this yucky feeling all the time. I don't really ache, I just feel sick and "wierd" like you said. It seems to be worse right when I get up in the morning and starts again in the afternoons when I began getting more tired.
  7. kmelodyg

    kmelodyg New Member

    I defianatly feel flu like alot. I usually wake up in a pile of sweat. And I feel "toxic" all over. That's the best way to describe it. Very achy and lathargic and dizzy. I think that this is a common occurance with many of us. It usually gets better when I get my meds in me. But it sure is not fun!!

  8. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Yes~That achy,Flu-like feeling is my biggest complaint with FM! I feel like that just about everyday. I usually don't get the nausea.......but I feel feverish,sooooooo sore,legs weak....all I wanna do is lay down type feeling!
    And I probably would if I could,but really can't much with the kids~I do sneak in my naps each day,for an hr or so.
    Without my cat naps,I would'nt make it till bedtime~(btw,mostly no fevers here either,sometimes low-grade)
    This DD really bites huh?
  9. babyblues68

    babyblues68 New Member

    Mine kicks in about 4 or 5 p.m.. I don't get the nausea all the time. My body temp is a low grade fever, always has been....even when I wasn't sick. Then at that time of the month I would run a higher fever the week before. This is the reason everytime the blood donor unit comes to my church I can not give. "You have a low grade temp, sorry can't take you". Since I've found out I have FM I stopped even trying to give blood.

    Right now I have penumonia. I've had it for a month now and just can't seem to shake it.

  10. rebeccavw

    rebeccavw New Member

    like symptoms. I have had CFS for at least 3 years with these constant flu like feeling I recently started on isoprinosine which balances immune system and its really helped.

  11. BethM

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  12. IntuneJune

    IntuneJune New Member

    Yes,not the nausea type, but the achy, weak, feverish, chills, without temperature type. These symptoms really FLARE when I have been exposed to my allergens, so best controlled when the allergens are avoided or desensitized. This is not always possible. My allergist has helped a lot. Fondly, June
  13. uddie

    uddie New Member

    Good Morning All...

    I just found this yesterday and I am soooo helps just to be able to talk about it sometimes....I am 61 in Florida....have Lupus....Fibro....IBS...Migraines....valve replacement in 2001 and sternum rewiring in 2002....I know your feelings....I had Rheumatic fever in 1953 and do not remember having a lot of pain free days since....when the flu feeling starts I just head towards the bedroom....turn on the ceiling fan and also the one I keep on the floor blowing right on me.....turn on the TV and just try to think about good things like the Grandchildren in Texas soooo far away and I know I will see them 3-4 times each year think about all the good and all the love we have in our lives....just try try try to let the relaxation take over your body....I know this is hard and takes a lot of practice but try and let me know....

    I know this is a terrible thing to happen to all of us but we WILL do it...

    I am here if I can help anyone...
  14. KittyCat

    KittyCat New Member

    I, too experience 'flu like' symptoms. You're not alone!