any one had benign positional vertgo?

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    I have been dizzier than a loon for about a week every time i turn over in bed, look up or down the room starts spinning, I went for a treatment in a hospital in Ottawa today where a phsical therapist does a manuver that actually increases dizziness trying to move calcium crystals that have broken loose in the inner ear and are traveling around touching nervelike hairs sending wrong messages to your brain stem.Oh its awful, cant do anything afraid to drive, walk much. Hopefully this will take care of it.Like I need this ontop of everything else.I had this back in 2002 and it was like a miracle one treatment and the dizziness left! You have to sleep 2 days in a recliner, and then dont look up or tilt you head down to much or pick up items off the floorfor a week. (they dont know how much i willl drop in a weeks time lol)If anyone else suffers from this let me know and I will post more medical information about it.It is a simple,painless procedure that really gets rid of the dizziness fast. Thanks so much
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    YES! After the huricanes of 2004 , I woke up one am with the room spinning when I moved my head from side to side or up or down!

    I was an RN and didn't know what it was! VERY SCAREY

    The doctor showed me the recommend excersizes (you can find them online but I don't feel they help) and explained to me that the barametric pressure from the hurricane loosened a tiny grain of calcium from my middle ear that caused the spinning sensation.

    I have had it several times since but now that I know what it is, I am no longer afraid of the feeling. You just have to be very aware of your head movemnets for a few weeks till it goes away.

    I had a co-worker that said she got it from riding in jets, but that doesn't do it with me.

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    I have the most amazing specialist. He is a Neuro Opthomologist. He prescribes Valium 2x per day and it stopped the symptoms. It is amazing. He also prescribed Meclizine that you can buy over the counter. Ask your dr about this because they work and I had it really, really bad. I totally sympathize with you because I couldn't drive or anything when I have it.

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    It sucked, when I woke up with the room spinning I thought it was related to degeneration in my brain and related to M.E. Anyway I pretty much self diagnosed since I didn't want to go to the E.R. or wait days to see my doctor. I found out about BPPV, and did the Dix-Hallpike maneuver to confirm that that was indeed the problem. It work perfectly I had vertigo and nystagmus when I did my left side but not the right side. So then I proceeded to do the Epley manuever, I think I did it a couple of times. Then I followed the post-procedure instructions that you mentioned. I was amazed that it worked that well. I think then I left it alone for a few days and redid the Epley manuever a few times more. Thank god (knocking on wood as I type) it hasn't recurred (it happened about six months ago). There as some good videos in you tube explaining the maneuvers.

    Hope you feel better,

  5. (other than tansy? whichever poster sees a neuro-opthamologist)

    Have you, or do you see a neurologist?

    I was diagnosed with Vertigo, first by symptoms, by my neurologist of nearly 7 yrs now, and then by ENG test, he ordered. (Electro-Nystagmogram) I believe that stands for.

    The first part of the test, has a 'board', a long, short, rectangular board on a wall, with a red light that streaks acrossed it, at various intervals & speeds, while you sit up on a table, watching it/following with your eyes

    (I was told I had 'some' end gaze nystagmus, by my eye doctor, & an eye surgeon.. neuro dx'd it while on zanaflex, but, his notes through the years, note there has been none, upon various other clinical exams/testing)

    The *second* part of the test, for *me* was PURE HELL. you have to put.... only what I can describe as 'massive beer goggles' on, (like very heavy, tempered glass type goggles, that have been smeared with vasaline- is another way to describe what your vision is, once putting them on)... and the technician administering the test, does various maneuvers, as you lay on the table, with your head hanging off it (painful for the neck, those goggles weigh 20lbs- they feel like they do, anyways)

    Besides (chiropractic/physical therapy-like maneuvering) of the head, she then will squirt cold water, into each ear (VERY 'unpleasant, and kind of painful.. very loud, also), then it will drain, and *warm* water is also sprayed into each ear... (I became so nauseated, & dizzy, I almost fell of the table & vomited)... sometime (I dont remember when, but, I think through the water, or after the water in the ears,) you are asked to come up with a word, for EACH LETTER of the ALPHABET the best you can (ARE YOU KIDDING ME!??)

    Not only was my thinking slowed, and at times, stopped, due to the brain fog, and disorientation, but, at times, because of the dizziness & nausea, which the lady told me was fine, if I needed to stop, and asked what I was feeling, in detail, when I had to pause.

    Anyhow, through that ENG test, it confirmed not only vertigo, but, some hearing loss in my left ear. (I don't know how that was gauged at all.)

    But, yes, I used to have *frequent* episodes of vertigo in bed, as well as random dizziness, & nystagmus (the nystagmus was worst in summer heat).

    I too, would lay in bed, and if i turned at all, the bed would feel as if it were suspended in air, and 'swinging' freely, side to side, sometimes spinning, and at the worst, I had episodes of feeling like the bed was *severely* sloped, and I was falling backwards... I would hang on to the edge, *tightly*, that's how severe the sensation of the bed being tilted, and perception that i was going to fall backwards onto my husband was, at times..

    I hope* that was due to medication I'm no longer on, but, I still get fairly frequent dizzy spells, sitting or laying. I discussed on another thread with someone, who's sons, along with her, I believe, had trouble with yeast, gluten, etc... and would feel 'drunk' afterwards, which I too, have began feeling (dx'd with celiac's in 03,)...

    Her youngest son, who has autism, I believe, was an extremely 'happy drunk' as she put it... I'd shared that I, unfortunately, was the 'drunk' who's alcohol seemed to hit them 'all at once' with that 'oh sh**, I should NOT have had that last drink (or 2 or 3), and can get extremely sick from it, at times, vomiting.

    This has just began happening, and increasing in frequency for me, as far as *food* goes, for 2-3 yrs now...

    *sigh*... frustrating, to say the least, huh? Who *ever* knows, if it *is* food, meds, your own brain, all 3, and much more, causing it.

    I have in the past (numerous times) been diagnosed with MS, due to brain lesions, found at age 23, and the diagnosis shortly after, of 'trigeminal neuralgia', along with abnormal clinical findings, history, and tests, (spinal tap normal, SSER & ENG abnormal)..

    I've always said though, "It really doesn't matter WHAT they call 'it', I'm just as sick either way..."

    Hope you all feel better,

    I have two friends who have MS, and one of them, in her 50's, diagnosed for over 25 yrs now, has what they USED to call 'benign' MS, and her only symptom, she said, for 23 yrs, was severe bouts of vertigo, (she has apparently progressed now, as when I talked to her last month, she had started on Copaxone shots).

    My other friend had many other symptoms, but, still worked, until an acute MS flare, brought on a violent bout of constant vertigo, which caused constant vomiting, headaches, falling, etc (I cannot IMAGINE, having *CONSTANT* vertigo!!!) she was put on several meds, including some for the vomiting, but, I haven't spoken to her in a while

    Hope everyone gets relief.